How to use your Call Forwarding Number

How to use your Call Forwarding Number
How to use your Call Forwarding Number

How to use your Global Call Forwarding Number(s)

Make sure to let your Toll Free or Local Number(s) be known by the people or institutions that will use them to reach you.  In other words, after your account is activated and you receive your new virtual number, you would need to distribute it or advertise the number so your callers would be able to reach you at the ‘ring to’ number you specified.

Bear in mind that while the Local Numbers can be dialed from any country in the world, Toll Free Numbers will only work when dialed from the respective country.

For example a UK Toll Free Number can only be dialed from the UK while a UK Local Number can be dialed from the UK, China, Germany, Bahrain or any other country in the world.

When your virtual number is dialed, our system will instantly forward the call to your ring-to phone number (this will be the phone number you assigned for incoming calls to be forwarded to).

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  1. I was confused about what exactly Toll free number call forwarding is and how it works. You site cleared it up for me and I now own a phone number in another country!

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