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International Call Forwarding Become local the easy way

International Call Forwarding Become local the easy way

Companies that offer their products and services in many countries know that they need to provide an easy method for existing customer and prospective clients to reach them.International Call Forwarding | Be local the easy way

Relying on email, Skype, real time chat and other web based communication methods all work fine, even great! But so far, the ‘telephone’ call simply cannot be beat.

Many customers would not consider ordering a product or service online without first calling the company. Many times it’s only to verify and confirm that the company actually exists and has a working phone number before they offer up their credit card information on an online form.

So what do you do if you want to seriously focus on marketing your products and services to potential customers in more countries? The easiest strategy is to add international call forwarding numbers to your website’s contact page.

Assume that you have had a website up and running for a few years offering products worldwide and by now you have actual customers based in Turkey, Panama, Hong Kong, Brazil and the UK. However, your company has its main office in the US and offer only a local US phone number and maybe a US Toll Free number. (or be located in any country)

The international call forwarding service provides you with private Toll Free or local numbers. Those numbers can all ‘ring to’ your US phone number. You can own a Turkey Toll Free number or a Brazil Toll Free number, etc. Place those numbers on your website and get more sales calls because you have removed the ‘long distance’ obstacle and also have created a phone presence in another country which ads credibility to your companies marketing efforts.

International call forwarding or global virtual numbers have a feature rich menu of included customer preferences.

Many customers mention that they could not do business without their international call forwarding numbers.

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