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How to Use Global Call Forwarding to Make Cheap Phone Calls in South Korea

How to Use Global Call Forwarding to Make Cheap Phone Calls in South Korea

South KoreaWhether you’re in South Korea for the Winter Olympics, a business conference, to visit loved ones, or to explore new markets, staying in touch with family members and business associates back home using global call forwarding is cheap and easy. Not only can you set up global call forwarding for people to call you while you’re in South Korea, cheap international phone calls back home are possible too. Here’s how to get the most out of an international virtual phone number when traveling overseas.

Step 1: Get a USA Call Forwarding Number to Divert Phone Calls to South Korea

First, you’ll need a way for your contacts to reach you while you’re in South Korea. If you have a mobile phone, it won’t necessarily work in South Korea — and international roaming rates can catch you off guard. Avoid the expense for everyone with a global number that’s local or toll free to people in the United States and divert those calls to a local phone in South Korea. This phone could be the phone at your hotel or a disposable cell phone purchased at the airport or shop once you arrive in South Korea.

With our international call forwarding plan, you can choose any number of toll free USA numbers (including vanity toll free numbers) or city-specific numbers for most states. So, for example, if most of your callers are located in Burbank, California, you could get a number local to Burbank and divert those calls to South Korea.  On the other hand, if your callers are scattered across the United States, a toll free number is the simplest option. In either case, when setting up your destination number, choose “Korea – South” and enter your ring to number. If you don’t have a South Korean phone number yet, set it to ring to voicemail. You can change the destination number at any time.

Once set up, your callers will dial a local or toll free number to reach your phone in South Korea. This brings their costs down to nothing (or minimal if they live outside of the local calling area for the phone number). Your costs will be just pennies per minute — a fraction of what you’d pay otherwise in international long distance and roaming.

Step 2: Get a South Korea Call Forwarding Number that Diverts to USA

What about when you want to call someone in the United States from South Korea? You can use the same strategy, but in reverse. This time, get a global call forwarding number local to South Korea. National, toll free, toll free mobile accessible, and several city-specific numbers are available.

You’ll need to change the destination phone number to the phone number of the person you’d like to call each time. This is easy to do on the fly and a great way to make cheap international phone calls from South Korea to USA.

Go Month-to-Month with No Contracts

Understanding that you may only need these USA-South Korea global phone calls for a short time period, it’s smart to choose a contract-free plan. Our global call forwarding plans are offered with monthly allotments of minutes with no contracts or hidden fees. Use the service as long as you need it and cancel at any time without penalties.

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