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Global Call Forwarding Services – high impact sales tool

Global Call Forwarding Services

Global Call Forwarding Services - high impact sales toolIt’s not everyday that a truly valuable marketing tool becomes available to just about anyone, any company in any country.  But that’s the definition of Global Call Forwarding Services.

Many of our customers that use global call forwarding services, use it to create a phone presence in another country or city.  After the
virtual number is up and running, they advertise the virtual phone number and the calls received from the virtual number are diverted to any other phone number desired, worldwide.

For example, let’s say your company is headquartered in the UK and your marketing department says you have customers, existing or potential, located in Singapore. With Global Call Forwarding Services you could simply buy a Singapore virtual phone number and have the calls diverted to your UK number. Your company can then advertise on the web via emails that you have a local Singapore contact phone number. This would remove the obstacle for callers located in Singapore wanting to contact your company by phone to do business but may not want to call the UK. As you can imagine, the creative uses for virtual phone numbers and call diverting services are endless.

Global Call Forwarding Services – bang for your buck!

The ‘bang for your buck’ that global call forwarding services provides is hard to duplicate especially when you consider that for many companies attempting to be perceived as a local company would necessitate establishing a brick and mortar office in another country or buy a virtual phone number.

Which would be less expensive and quicker to accomplish. Create and staff a physical office in another country or buy virtual phone number in that country?  Learn more

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  1. The Canada number has changed my business and life for the better. I’m free to work wherever I want. Thanks for the phone help.

  2. More often than not, I dislike informative content, but I really like this article. You have a great talent and I enjoyed this. Thank you.

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