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Toll free call forwarding is a strategy that companies of all sizes use to expand their business reach and communicate effectivelyToll free call forwarding is a strategy that companies of all sizes use to expand their business reach and communicate effectively with callers from around the world.

With toll free call forwarding, callers dial a toll free number that is then routed to a designated "ring to" number. This ring to number can be located virtually anywhere in the world. Callers like toll free call forwarding because they do not pay a cent for the call, no matter how long the call lasts.

What Can you do with a Toll-Free Call Forwarding Number

Toll Free Call Forwarding userImagine being unsatisfied with a product and having to pay for the phone call - that adds insult to injury, and companies use toll free call forwarding to ensure that their customers are not charged for calling them. In fact, if a company does not have a toll free number for its customers to call, some customers might opt not to call at all. This can lead to lost sales and lost opportunities to turn an unsatisfied customer into a satisfied one.

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Another common toll free call forwarding use involves tech support. Software companies, computer manufacturers, cell phone service providers, cable providers, and many other businesses provide toll free technical support so that their customers can receive expert help with their products and services without incurring phone charges as a result. Technical support phone calls can be quite lengthy as the technician must often ask numerous questions or instruct callers to perform multiple tests or download updates just to get to the root of the problem.

Again, businesses do not want to inconvenience their customers with non-toll free phone numbers. They also don't want to risk their reputations. For example, if a user experiences trouble with a recent purchase and opts not to call for technical support (due to the perceived costs involved), that user will not be satisfied and may speak negatively about the product or could 'return' the purchase.

Even small businesses and sole proprietors use toll free call forwarding. A toll free number can make a small company look larger as well as remove any obstacles potential or current customers may have to calling the company from another country.

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How Toll Free Call Forwarding Works

While it may sound complicated, toll free call forwarding is actually quite easy to set up and use. First, you'll need to order a toll free phone number from a telecommunications services provider. In the United States, these numbers are often referred to as 1-800 numbers and include the following prefixes: 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855. Many countries use the 0800 prefix, though there are numerous variations and exceptions. Toll Free Call Forwarding is basically another name for an international virtual number that's toll free to the caller.

1-800 numbers are available in two flavors: vanity and standard. With a vanity number, you select a "phone word" that describes your company, product, or service. For example, 1-800-PickUPS is a vanity phone number with each letter corresponding to a digit that is dialed. In this case, 1-800-Pick-UPS translates into 1-800-742-5877. Which number is easier to remember? Standard toll free numbers do not necessarily translate into a desired phone word, and you're often presented with just a small selection of available numbers to choose from.

After selecting your toll free phone number, the next step is to designate the toll free call forwarding ring to number. This number can be anywhere in the world. For example, if your call center is located in India, you could route your U.S. 1-800 number to your Indian call center simply by designating the appropriate ring to number.

Once set up, any time someone dials the toll free phone number, that call will be forwarded to your designated ring to number. You will be billed by your toll free call forwarding service provider for the call on a per minute basis.

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Benefits of Toll Free Call Forwarding

Though you will pay for all costs related to toll free call forwarding, your investment can yield several important benefits including increased sales, improved customer service, and a stronger reputation. Customers will be more likely to call if they're reassured that they don't have to pay for the call, and a toll free number provides that reassurance. A customer with a minor complaint may be hesitant to call in the first place, and probably won't call at all if long distance charges are involved. Toll free call forwarding can remove this obstacle and help you better respond to customer needs.

Another important benefit involves branding. A vanity number can play an important role in your branding and advertising campaigns. Top of mind awareness coupled with an easy-to-remember toll free call forwarding number equals more phone calls and increased sales.

Toll Free Call Forwarding Plans and Features

Beneficial, affordable, and necessary, toll free call forwarding is a must for most businesses. However, not all plans are created equally. Because your business is at stake, you'll want to select a plan that offers several key features including:

Exceptional audio quality - Today's callers are accustomed to crystal clear phone connections. However, not all toll free call forwarding service providers use the traditional public switched network, opting instead for lower cost (and lower quality) VoIP systems. Bad connections reflect poorly on you, so make sure to prioritize audio quality when evaluating providers.

Simultaneous call processing with no busy signals - Busy signals could prompt callers to hang up and dial the competition. Don't let this happen!

Have your calls diverted to as many as 10 phone numbers, mobile or landline and in 10 different countries!

No fees for busy or incomplete calls - If a customer hangs up before the call is completed, you shouldn't have to pay for the call.

Voicemail options - Many service providers include auto attendants, voicemail to email, and other voicemail options.

Time of day routing - Do you want your calls handled differently based on the time of day they're made? Choose a plan with time of day routing.

Toll-free call forwarding is a must for any business. Order your toll free number today!

One of the most common uses for toll free call forwarding is 'customer service'.

Businesses establish toll-free phone numbers so that their customers can call to place orders, voice any special requirements on orders, or ask questions not covered on a website, all without incurring phone charges.

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