Global Virtual Numbers Frequently Asked Questions

Global Virtual Numbers FAQ
How many numbers can I own?

There's no limit on the quantity of virtual numbers you can have in your account. Some larger customers have thousands of call forwarding numbers, while others have one.

When you login to your account control panel you'll be able to get fast accurate account information and be able to access all of your service features.
Frequently Asked Questions about Global Virtual Numbers

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to purchase phone numbers and manage local and international call forwarding services.
US Virtual Numbers by State and City
How do I send calls to my mobile phone in the daytime and then automatically redirect the calls to my landline at night?
Set up time of day routing, one of the free features included in this plan.

What if I want to change the 'ring to' number on-the-fly?
Simply login to your account and click on 'change ring to number'. Changes take place instantly in real-time.

What if I want to terminate my account?
Cancel your account at any time by email or calling customer service.

Can I login and make online changes to my account?
Yes, customers can login 24/7 to change account preferences such as changing the 'ring to' number and all other normal account changes including updating credit card informaton, billing address, adding addtional services, deleting services, etc.

How do I get my account login link?
Customer receive their login link immediately upon account activation.

Can I see my call details, a list of all my calls?
Customers have online access 24/7. All call details are available at any time by account login.

Can I download my call details to Excel?
Yes, simply login to your account and click on 'export to Excel'.

Are there different usage plans available?
Yes there are five plans and each includes a different quantity of monthly minutes.  There are plans for small users and larger customers.  Simply choose a plan that fits your requirements.  If you are new to call forwarding and do not know your usage requirements yet, choose the basic (smallest) plan.  You can always upgrade to a larger plan or downgrade.

Is voice mail included?
Yes voice mail is an included feature and permits for your own custom greeting or use the supplied default greeting.

What payment types do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB, PayPal, Western Union

Do I need to make any changes with my local phone company?
No changes are necessary and no special equipment is required.

How do I change the number I want the calls forwarded to?
Click here to learn more about changing your ring to number online in real time. It's easy.

Can Toll Free numbers be called from other countries?
Toll free numbers are special numbers that typically work only from the country of their origin.  For example a Spain toll-free number will work from inside of Spain, and will not be accessible from Italy.  However a US toll-free number will work from inside the US and Canada and is an exception to the rule.

Are all numbers virtual numbers mobile accessible?
Yes and no - while most of our toll free numbers and almost all of our local numbers are accessible from mobile phones, there are a few countries where mobile accessibility on toll free numbers is still not available. You can find further accessibility and restrictions info on our database of number page after selecting a number.
How often can I change the number I forward calls to?

There is no limit to how often you can make changes.

Changing the number to forward your calls to is the easiest thing you can do through your online control panel and you can change your number to forward your calls to as many times as desired.

The changes take effect in real time.
example of dialog to change ring to number
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