How do you Change the Ring To Number

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Changing the Ring To Number

Incoming calls can be diverted to any number you wish in any country.  You may want your calls forwarded to a certain number initially but may want to change the number later on.

Simply login to your online control panel and click on modify 'ring to' number.  Enter the new number in the field provided and click submit modifications button.  Your virtual number will instantly sends calls to that new 'ring to' number.
Flexibility, change the Ring To number

For example, if you want your virtual number to forward calls to a new phone number in India but it currently rings to your old number in the UAE, simply login and change your ring to number to your current India number.
Change ring to using laptop
To change the number your callers are diverted to, do the following

1Login with your online control panel and enter your account number and PIN.
(The login web address is emailed to you upon account activation)

2Modify the field that says 'Modify To'. Simply replace the existing number with the new desired 'ring to' number and click the [Submit Modifications] button.

3Your new 'ring to' is now changed in real-time.  You can instantly change your 'ring to' number online, 24 hours a day from any Internet connection.
Change Call Forward Ring To Number
A virtual number diverts calls to your 'ring to' number
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