How a Virtual Phone Number Works
Virtual Phone Number Enables Global Call Forwarding
Virtual Phone Number Enables You to Forward Phone Calls to any phone or VoIP Worldwide

You can own a Toll Free or Local Phone Number in the country of your choice and receive your calls instantly on any phone number globally.
Your new virtual phone number will forward calls to your mobile phone, landline or VoIP address anywhere internationally.
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Features and Countries
Virtual Phone Number Included Features
Many customers require a virtual phone number that forwards calls to another country and other users of this service require forwarding calls to a phone number in their own country.

Simultaneous Call Forwarding
Included with a global virtual number is a feature called simultaneous ringing. Have up to four or more phone numbers ring at the same time, even in different countries.  All enabled phones will ring simultaneously but the call will only connect to the first person that picks up the phone. This included feature has many usage possibilities especially for businesses.

Real Time Updates
Easily change the call forwarding phone number that rings when your virtual number is called. Use your account portal and instantly modify the call destination number whenever necessary.

How to Modify the Phone Number you Wish to Forward Your Calls To

Calls to your virtual number can be diverted to your designated 'ring to' phone number on a mobile phone, business phone line, home phone, VoIP, PBX, Call Center or Fax, globally.  Your virtual phone number will divert calls to any phone in any country or within your own country.

Below are a few examples of possible uses for a virtual number. Some may seem far off the mark for your use. The intention here is simply to provide potential strategies. You can create a totally unique application for your own virtual number use.

Usage Example 1

You have associates, family or customers located in India. You want to provide a local India phone number for them to dial to reach you in the U.S. (or any other country). You would order an India Toll Free virtual number and have it 'ring to' your number in any country.

Usage Example 2

You have a business located in Canada and want to offer your American customers a local number in New York or Florida. You would order a New York or Florida virtual number and point the destination number to your existing number in Canada.

Usage Example 3

You are located in Moscow, Russia and have a customer base located in Germany. You would order a Germany virtual number and designate your main Moscow phone number as the 'ring to' number. All calls to your Germany call forwarding number would then be automatically redirected to your existing Russia phone number.

Usage Example 4

You are located in Australia and have associates, family or customers located in the United Kingdom. You would order a UK virtual number and designate your main Australia phone number as the 'ring to' number. All calls to your UK virtual number would then be automatically redirected to your Australian phone number.

Usage Example 5

In some countries it can be a challenge ordering a Toll Free or Local phone number from the local phone company.  Customers prefer to deal with us because it's cheaper, easier, faster and the service comes with more features and better customer service than getting the phone number from their own local phone company Postal, Telegraph and Telephone Service (PTT) in their own country.

Usage Example 6

Many customers find themselves in a situation where they may need to travel either temporarily or permanently to another country.

They want to keep their existing phone number, mobile or landline, and keep in contact with their regular callers plus all of the people that know their phone number. They can do so by getting a virtual number that is enabled to sends calls to any other phone worldwide.  After the new virtual number is activated, simply forward your current mobile or landline phone to the new virtual number which has international call forwarding capability.  It will then deliver your calls to any mobile or landline in any country.

Usage Example 7

Corporations that plan to do business in another country for an extended period of time, such as a long term assignments or projects, set up a virtual phone number in the call origination country to make it easy for their colleagues and employees to call back to the corporate headquarters country.

In this case the headquarters office is Moscow, Russia and the assignment country is Israel.

The Russian auditing firm in Moscow owns an Israel Toll Free virtual number. They are on an audit assignment in Israel and must be in constant contact with their main Moscow office.

Their auditors on assignment can simply dial a local Israel Toll Free number and immediately connect with the Israel main office without the use of phone cards, pin's or any other telecommunications obstacles.

The Israel Toll Free number, in this case, acts as a form of virtual private number for the Russian auditing company's employees.
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