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Who Needs a Global Virtual Number?

Any person, business, organization, or entity that conducts international business or regularly communicates with others overseas can benefit from getting an international phone number.

An international virtual number allows people from other countries to call you using a familiar telephone number and country-specific dialing customs.
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What Can You Do with an International Phone Number in another country?

An international phone number can serve many purposes.

A virtual phone number makes it easy to establish a local presence without alienating the locals with an off-putting, foreign-looking phone number.

Below are a just a few examples:

Use an overseas virtual number to establish a local business presence. Use the phone number in conjunction with call forwarding to route international callers and business partners to your call center or place of business. Once set up, callers within the targeted country dial what appears to be a phone number located within the country. Call forwarding then routes the call to the designated ring-to number which could be located virtually anywhere in the world.

Provide your overseas relatives with an international local number so they can easily call you. This is a popular option for parents with adult children stationed overseas or college students studying abroad. With this option, callers dial an international number for the countries they are calling from, yet the phone call is routed to a business or residence in the United States or any other country.

Use an virtual phone number, call forwarding, and a disposable cell phone when traveling overseas. This is a popular option with business travelers that need a convenient way to remain connected with their colleagues back home and their business partners abroad at the same time. In addition, by using a disposable cell phone purchased inside the target country, costly roaming charges can be avoided. When properly set up, domestic callers dial the business person's normal phone number which is then routed to the international virtual phone for the disposable cell phone. Callers within that country dial the same international virtual number, reaching the person seamlessly.

Establishing an international local presence using a virtual phone delivers numerous benefits including overcoming caller objections, increased communication opportunities, and cost advantages.

A virtual phone number helps you build a local presence, it can also reassure potential callers who might otherwise hesitate to call outside their country due to uncertainty about costs.

Overcoming caller objections - Most consumers want to do business with companies located nearby. However, it's not always practical to maintain local offices in every market you do business in. While you are committed to helping your international customers, you may not have the resources or personnel to staff offices all around the world. If you provide international callers with an out-of-country phone number, they may be concerned about calling out of their countries or worried about long distance charges. By providing a local virtual phone number, this objection is completely eliminated.

Increased communication opportunities - The easier you can make it for customers, business partners, and relatives to reach you, the more likely they will be to pick up the phone and call you. Without it, callers might postpone calling you over minor concerns - or worse, opt not to do business with you at all. Make it easy on your callers and encourage frequent communication.

Cost advantages -With an international virtual number, you typically pay a small monthly fee for the number along with per minute charges for all calls made and routed to your ring-to number. This is much like a traditional 800 number. In fact, you can order international toll free service if desired. If not, your local callers may incur local tolls and in-country long distance fees if they are calling outside the local calling area for that phone number.

The cost advantages are significant; especially if you consider the costs you would otherwise incur to maintain local offices around the world. There's no need for rent, utilities, office equipment, additional staff, and other expenses associated with maintaining an office.

International Phone Number | Bottom Line Benefit
It will help you do more business in other countries that you may already do business with or that you may want to target for marketing purposes.

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How to Own and Control an International Phone Number

Acquiring an international phone number in another country is easy. However, you will need to consider several factors to ensure a favorable outcome.

Start by identifying which countries you want to establish a local presence in, and then drill down to specific cities. For example, you might want numbers for Japan, Italy, and Australia. Where will most of your callers come from? Tokyo, Rome, and Sydney? Choose numbers specific to the cities you will be serving to further reassure your callers.

Next, identify staff members who can handle the phone calls or hire additional staff as needed. For example, do you have any employees that speak Japanese?

Consider local business hours and use time-of-day routing to route callers to voicemail after traditional business hours in the caller's country.

Choose an international number provider that supports the countries you are targeting as well as provides quality services. Your international efforts will only be successful if the calls consistently go through and the sound quality is exceptional.

You may also want a provider that offers online account management. With such a feature, you can log into an account dashboard and change the ring-to number and other settings on the fly. For example, if you're visiting a country and have routed the phone number to a disposable cell phone, you'll want a way to quickly reroute the phone calls to your main office once your trip is over. With online account management, you can quickly do this. Similarly, if a given call center is temporarily out of operation (such as during a local hurricane), you could quickly route all calls to an alternate call center.

You can expand into new global markets without any major expenses and save money at the same time. Make it easy for your callers from around the world to reach you by owning an international call divert number today.

Do more business overseas by creating a local phone presence in another country.

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