Japan Virtual Phone Numbers Enable
International Call Forwarding to any Country

Japan Virtual Number Call Forwarding
Japan Virtual Number Call Forwarding

You can create a Japan virtual phone number and stay connected with associates, customers or friends located in Japan without a physical location in Japan.

Japan virtual numbers enable redirecting calls to any mobile phone, landline, fax, VoIP, PBX, call center in any country.

Forward calls from Japan to any other phone worldwide.

Shotoku-taishi-do Hall, Narita, Japan
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Available Virtual Numbers in Japan

Japan (Toll Free) Japan (120) (Toll Free mobile accessible) Japan (800) (Toll Free mobile accessible) Chiba (+81 43) Kawaguchi (+81 48) Kawasaki (+81 44) Kobe (+81 78) Kokubunji (+81 42) Nagoya (+81 52) Narita (+81 476) Osaka (+81 6) Saitama (+81 48) Tokyo (+81 3)

You can create a phone presence in Japan and connect with associates, customers or friends located in Japan without a physical location inside Japan using a Japan Virtual Phone Number.
Telecommunications in Japan
According to CIA World Factbook, Japan Telephone system
General assessment: Japan has an excellent domestic and international service
Domestic: High level of modern technology and excellent service of every kind
International: country code - 81
Japan has numerous submarine cables provide links throughout Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, and US; satellite earth stations - 7 Intelsat (Pacific and Indian Oceans), 1 Intersputnik (Indian Ocean region), 2 Inmarsat (Pacific and Indian Ocean regions), and 8 SkyPerfect JSAT (2012)

Japan Broadcast Media:
A mixture of public and commercial broadcast TV and radio stations; 6 national terrestrial TV networks including 1 public broadcaster; the large number of radio and TV stations available provide a wide range of choices; satellite and cable services provide access to international channels (2012)
Japan Telecommunications Sector
According to budde.com.au, Japan’s telecommunications sector is one of the most developed markets in the world. Japan’s telecoms market is characterised by customers possessing a willingness to adopt new technologies combined with an increasingly sophisticated interest in the wider application of telephone lines.
Moving towards 2019 Japan’s market is served by three multi-service operators offering fixed-line telephony, fixed broadband access, mobile voice telephony, mobile broadband access and pay TV services.
Japan’s fixed line market is dominated by incumbent operator NTT. However with a saturated fixed-line telephone subscriber market (on a per household basis), mobile has emerged as the major force in Japan’s telecoms market. The emphasis on mobile has allowed new market entrants to enter and grow in the market despite NTT’s dominance of the fixed market.
The number of broadband lines in Japan has shown stagnant growth in recent years due to the increasing availability and affordability of mobile broadband platforms. This has taken away much of the traffic due to the convenience associated with mobility and the ability to support delivery of popular internet content and applications. Moving into 2019, DSL subscribers continued to decline as customers continue to shift to FttH.

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