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South Korea International Call Forwarding
What you need to know about South Korea International Call Forwarding

If you or your company communicates with customers in South Korea, a South Korea phone number will enable your callers to make a local South Korea call to reach your phone in any country.

South Korea Phone Call Forwarding is easy to setup and use.

Own and Control a South Korea Phone Number

If you run a business, forwarding calls to a call center in your country is an easy task. Calls can optionally be recorded for supervision purposes. These calls can be played back for reference and to monitor customer service performance.
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Enjoy free of cost customized greeting messages for the caller to hear.  Upload to your account if you already have an mp3 or wav file.  Or record it yourself by phone.  Direct your calls wherever you desire - to any phone in any country.
South Korea DID Virtual Phone Number List

Korea South (Toll Free) Korea South (808) (Toll Free mobile accessible) National (+82 70) Busan (+82 51) Daegu (+82 53) Daejeon (+82 42) Gwangiu (+82 62) Gyeonggi-Do (+82 31) Incheon (+82 32) Seoul (+82 2)

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