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How Startups Can Benefit from Global Virtual Phone Numbers

It is not easy being a startup, especially if you are starting by the bootstraps with limited funding. One important tool to have in your toolbox is a flexible telecommunications plan that is there when you need it but does not cost an arm and a leg when you do not need it.

Global virtual phone numbers are the perfect way for startups to create a global presence without breaking the bank. Here's what you need to know.

What is a Global Virtual Phone Number?

Global virtual phone numbers are like the domestic toll free and remote call forwarding numbers your business likely already uses, except they are for international countries. For example, if your startup is based in Houston, Texas, you might have a local number in Houston for local contacts to call as well as local remote call forwarding numbers for nearby cities and a nationwide 800 number. These are all fairly standard for business communications in the United States.

However, what if you have investors located in Europe, Asia, South America, or elsewhere? That’s where global virtual numbers come into play.

You can get country- or even city-specific phone numbers for different countries around the globe and have the phone calls forwarded to your main office (or any number for that matter).

Both toll free and regional phone numbers are available. These numbers are considered “virtual” global phone numbers because they are not physically tied to a given phone connection. They are strictly call forwarding numbers and will divert calls from one country to any other country you desire.
Benefits of a Global Virtual Phone Number

There are several ways global call forwarding numbers can be beneficial. Here are a few:

  Create a local presence in other countries - Want to look as if you have an office in USA, the United Kingdom, and Dubai? Global virtual numbers are a cost-effective way to do just that.

There's no need to rent office space and hire local staff when you can use global phone numbers to route international calls to your main office.

  Provide customer service in other countries - Let's say your US-based startup exports goods to another country such as England but its customer service center is located in the United States.

Your toll free number won't work in England. Customers in England will not want to dial a US phone number and incur international long distance charges when they have an issue.

That will only make matters worse! The better option is to get a toll free global virtual phone number for England and forward those calls to your US call center.

  Make it easy for VIPs and investors in other countries to reach you - As a startup, you might not have a large customer base to support yet. However, if you do business internationally, you may have international vendors, investors, and other VIPs with whom you regularly communicate.Giving them a local number they can use to reach you is a great way to remove obstacles to calling you.

We offer the most flexible global virtual phone numbers available. Not only are our rates incredibly low, our plans are available without a contract. This means if you need a temporary or short-term global call forwarding number, you can use it for a month or two and then cancel without penalty. Our plans are packed with features and all calls routed over modern fiber optic PSTN networks for the best sound quality available.

GlobalVirtualNumbers is month-to-month, has competitive rates, and all the features you could want.

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