Global 24-Hour Helpline

Other options include recorded messages and greetings, time of day routing, and select country forwarding. Take the time to learn about the various advanced features so that you can get the most out of your account.

Global 24 Hour Hotline

How to Create Your Own Global 24-Hour Helpline

Help your customers, prospects, patients, end-users, business associates, and others around the clock — and around the world — with a 24-hour global helpline. Whether you have a massive global base or operate in just a few chosen countries, creating an international helpline is easier and more affordable than you may think. Here’s what you need to know.

Start with a Toll-Free Global Call Forwarding Number

This is what makes it all possible. There are two ways to go, and the choice you choose will depend on the number of countries the helpline will serve and the call volume.

  • Universal toll-free number — Intended for high volume calls from multiple countries, universal numbers are truly universal. There are some higher initial costs though and the universal number may not appear familiar to callers in various countries. In other words, it won’t look like a regular toll-free number to many of your callers. The advantage is you can use the same phone number regardless of country and forward your calls to the destination number of your choice.
  • International toll-free number — With an international toll-free call forwarding number, you’ll get a country-specific phone number that looks and acts as expected within the given country. Callers won’t hesitate to call based on how the phone number looks. All calls will be forwarded to the destination number of your choice. If you operate in several countries, you’ll need country-specific international toll free numbers for each country.

Set Up Your Virtual PBX

Our global call forwarding numbers can be set up to act like a “virtual PBX” system. Thus, you can configure your global helpline however you see fit. For example, you could set up a phone menu prompting callers to press different keys or depending on their needs such as 1 for technical support, 2 for billing, 3 for warranty information, or 0 to speak to a customer service representative. 

Set Up Advanced Features

Other options include recorded messages and greetings, time of day routing, and select country forwarding. Take the time to learn about the various advanced features so that you can get the most out of your account.

For example, you could set up your helpline to play a recorded message only or a short greeting followed by prompts. On the other hand, you may want a live agent to answer all calls. To avoid language difficulties, use select country forwarding to forward numbers from specific countries to call centers or agents who speak the appropriate language. Likewise, you may want to configure different destination numbers based on the time of day calls are made.

Scale as Your Needs Change

With flexible, contract-free plans, you can scale your 24-hour helpline service as your needs change. Optional rollover minutes are also available, allowing you to accumulate and use unused minutes.

Our global call forwarding rates are extremely competitive. Try our service for free and find out just how easy and affordable it is to create your own 24-hour global helpline.

Virtual Number Call Forwarding for College Students

Virtual Number Call Forwarding for College Students

Looking for a better way to manage a college student’s phone needs? Consider virtual number call forwarding.

Virtual Number Call ForwardingYou can use virtual number call forwarding in several ways to reduce your student’s long distance bills and ensure that you can be reached no matter where you may be located.

In order to understand how you and your college student can benefit from virtual number call forwarding, you’ll need to understand what virtual number call forwarding is.   At its most basic, virtual number call forwarding is a phone number that is not attached to a physical phone. You can set your virtual number to ring to any phone.

Get Your Own Toll Free Virtual Number

As the parent of a college student, you don’t want to miss a single call. While cell phones are a great choice, they do have limits. For example, what happens if your cell phone’s battery is dead? What if you’re traveling in an area with spotty coverage? With virtual number call forwarding, you can receive calls on your cell phone if desired or you can set up your virtual number to ring to a different phone such as your home phone, office phone, or hotel room phone.

Parents who pay their students’ phone bills one way or the other should consider getting a toll free virtual number. Since the number is toll free, your student does not need to worry about costs or running out of minutes on a prepaid phone card. Meanwhile, toll free virtual number call forwarding plans are available with low per minute rates. You may even find that ordering a toll free number for your college student is one of the cheapest ways to receive long distance calls.

Once you have your number, give it to your college student and any other children, family members, or friends you want to be able to reach you no matter what. Use the online account management tool or voice menu to set up your default ring-to number and access other features. You may even want to enable simultaneous ringing (a feature that rings several designated ring-to numbers at the same time) or sequential routing (a feature that tries several designated numbers in a predefined sequence).

Get Your Child a Virtual Number

In addition to getting a virtual number call forwarding plan for receiving calls from your college student, it may make sense to get one for calling your student. When picking a number, keep in mind that even if your child is located in another city or state, it’s often smarter to choose a number that’s local to you because you’ll be dialing the number and paying for the calls you make. Consider either a toll free number or a number that’s inside your local calling area. Either way, you will incur a low per minute fee for the call forwarding service. Choose a toll free virtual number call forwarding number if you frequently travel outside of your local calling area to keep your costs as low as possible.

It’s up to you how you allow your child to use the virtual number. For example, some parents set up simultaneous ringing so that the virtual number call forwarding automatically rings the child’s dorm line and cell phone. Others teach their kids how to change the ring-to number at will. If your child is likely to forget to change the number, activating simultaneous or sequential ringing is recommended.

It’s also up to you whether or not you tell your child what the number is. For example, if your child shares the virtual number with casual friends and acquaintances, you’ll end up paying for their calls. If you’d prefer to contain your costs and limit them to only the calls you make, then order virtual number call forwarding, set it up, and keep the details to yourself.

Virtual Numbers and International Travel

Another benefit of virtual number call forwarding is that you can use your virtual number when traveling internationally. If your child will be spending a semester overseas, you can simply change the ring-to number to the overseas destination and dial your child as you normally do. Likewise, if you must leave the country, you can change your ring-to number to your international location and receive phone calls from your college student no matter where in the world you might be.

Using virtual number call forwarding to make and receive phone calls from a college student is a terrific choice for any parent. Order one for your college student to use to reach you and one for you to reach your college student. You’ll both be better able to find each other, and you can enjoy low per minute rates.

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Virtual Numbers Call Forwarding for Small Businesses

On days when you work from home, you can switch the ring to number to your home phone line.

Virtual Numbers Small Business

Companies have long used international virtual numbers to appear local in markets where they lack a physical location.

They do this by establishing a local virtual phone number and then using call forwarding to route those calls to a call center located internationally.

For example, a caller in Savannah, Georgia might dial what appears to be a local number, yet the call will ring to a call center located in some other city, or country for that matter.

As a small business owner, you can use call forwarding in a similar fashion. For example, if your ideal clients are located in New York City but you’re in Los Angeles, you could order and publish a New York City virtual number and then instantly divert those calls to your LA office. Your clients and prospects do not necessarily need to know that you’re on the other coast.

Establishing a local phone presence with virtual numbers

In addition to establishing a local presence elsewhere, many business professionals use call forwarding to ensure that they never miss a call despite frequent travel. While you could use your cellphone to ensure this, you may not want your customers, prospects, and colleagues to have your cellphone number directly. By using call forwarding, you can control when and where you’ll receive calls.

For example, you could order an 800 or local phone number and set up call forwarding to your main office line. On days when you work from home, you can switch the ring to number to your home phone line. When traveling on business, you could forward your calls to your cellphone or hotel room.

By using call forwarding in this manner, you can be reached wherever you are without having to give out your private phone numbers. In addition, should you move your office, you will not need to change your business cards, stationary, and advertising materials. Simply change your ring to number.

Global call forwarding using Virtual Numbers is a flexible tool that allows for localization and portability. It’s an affordable option that works beautifully for international, domestic, big and small businesses alike that do business globally but need to be accessible locally.


Simultaneous Ringing Call Divert

A customer may have very important calls and simply wants the calls to follow whatever phone number he/she may be near at the time.

The Simultaneous Ringing feature enables your virtual number to divert calls to a maximum of 10 different phone numbers, even if they are located in different countries.

Simultaneous Ringing Virtual Number

These numbers will ring in unison.  The network automatically connects the call to the first number that answers.

Is this a useful feature for you?  It could be, however most customers probably have less of a requirement.  Perhaps 3 or 4 numbers is what the normal customer requires.

But some customer do use this feature to because they have a widespread network of call centers and the calls may be crucial to be answered by a human.  Or a customer may have very important calls and simply wants the calls to follow whatever phone number he/she may be near at the time.

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Venezuela Virtual Numbers – Create a local phone presence in Venezuela

Venezuela Virtual Numbers – Create a local phone presence in Venezuela

New – Venezuela virtual numbers are available.

Create a Venezuela local virtual phone presence and have the calls diverted to any country worldwide.

Venezuela Toll-Free, Barquisimeto, Caracas, Maracaibo, Maracay, Puerto Ordaz, Valencia

View all details, rates and availability here


New virtual number countries available for International Call Forwarding

New virtual number countries available for International Call Forwarding

Call Diverting Service.  Own a Virtual Number.  Enable call redirection to any phone in any country. 

Virtual Phone Number Country ChoicesCreate a virtual number presence in any of the countries listed.

See global Virtual Number database and Rates here

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Global Call Forwarding Services | Put your business on steroids

Global Call Forwarding Services – high impact sales tool

Global Call Forwarding Services

Global Call Forwarding Services - high impact sales toolIt’s not everyday that a truly valuable marketing tool becomes available to just about anyone, any company in any country.  But that’s the definition of Global Call Forwarding Services.

Many of our customers that use global call forwarding services, use it to create a phone presence in another country or city.  After the
virtual number is up and running, they advertise the virtual phone number and the calls received from the virtual number are diverted to any other phone number desired, worldwide.

For example, let’s say your company is headquartered in the UK and your marketing department says you have customers, existing or potential, located in Singapore. With Global Call Forwarding Services you could simply buy a Singapore virtual phone number and have the calls diverted to your UK number. Your company can then advertise on the web via emails that you have a local Singapore contact phone number. This would remove the obstacle for callers located in Singapore wanting to contact your company by phone to do business but may not want to call the UK. As you can imagine, the creative uses for virtual phone numbers and call diverting services are endless.

Global Call Forwarding Services – bang for your buck!

The ‘bang for your buck’ that global call forwarding services provides is hard to duplicate especially when you consider that for many companies attempting to be perceived as a local company would necessitate establishing a brick and mortar office in another country or buy a virtual phone number.

Which would be less expensive and quicker to accomplish. Create and staff a physical office in another country or buy virtual phone number in that country?  Learn more