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Stay in touch with customers, partners, colleagues, family members, or friends with a virtual phone numberStay in touch with customers, partners, colleagues, family members, or friends with a virtual phone number.

What is a
virtual phone number? It's a call forwarding number that rings to any phone you configure it to call, worldwide.

These numbers do not require a separate phone line or physical phone jack. Instead, they reside in the virtual space, ringing into an existing a virtual phone number enables international call forwardingphone such as a cell phone, office phone, PBX system, or other landline of your choice.

A virtual number will 'ring to' any phone in any country. In other words, a virtual phone enables
international call forwarding.

Because the
virtual phone number can ring to any phone line you designate, it is extremely versatile and portable. For example, many businesses order a virtual phone number for each community that they serve and route those calls to a central PBX system for handling by customer service representatives. This gives businesses what looks like a local phone number to callers in those communities, countries or cities. Meanwhile, those calls are actually forwarded to a centralized call center.

Smaller businesses can also benefit from ordering a
virtual phone. Not only can a small business expand into a larger service area by ordering remote call forwarding numbers, each virtual number can be tracked.

For example, one way to track the performance of phone book ads is to publish different phone numbers for each ad and then view monthly usage reports to determine how effective the ad is at delivering phone calls.

By ordering a
virtual number for each advertisement and then forwarding those calls to your main business phone, your office still receives the phone calls as normal but can also analyze the performance of the ads. This strategy can show you which ads are effective and should be renewed and which ones are ineffective and should be reconsidered.

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Mobile professionals often use a virtual phone to ensure that no matter where they may be - on the road, at a conference, working from home, at the office, on a business trip, out of the country, etc. - they can be reached by colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers, and loved ones by their callers dialing to a single phone number. The 'ring to' phone can be another domestic phone number or to a phone on another continent.

For example, if you spend the summers in a vacation home, instead of receiving phone calls (and incurring roaming charges) on your cell phone, you could simply change your virtual phone's ring to number to ring to the landline in your vacation house.

Virtual number features

  • Clear audio quality
  • Change 'ring to' number in real-time via the Web
  • Simultaneous call processing
  • Custom greetings
  • Online account tools
  • Time of day routing
  • Caller ID
  • Fax forwarding
  • Voicemail to email options
  • Month-to-month plans (with no contract)
  • And more…

While a 'virtual number' may seem like a high tech choice, it's actually quite basic and extremely affordable. Using an online account management tool, making changes and viewing usage reports are a simple matter.

With exceptional phone call quality, low rates, and numerous features, helping you operate more effectively is just a step away.
Get a virtual number.

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Your business will benefit from a virtual number. Quickly create a local phone number in another country without a brick and mortar office.

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