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International Call Forwarding UKWhen it comes to international call forwarding, UK businesses can establish local and toll free phone numbers in other countries around the world and then redirect those calls to a UK call center or main office.

Similarly, businesses around the world can cater to a UK clientele by ordering
international call forwarding UK phone numbers and routing those calls to an offshore call center. Let's take a look at both international call forwarding UK strategies.

How UK Businesses Can Expand into Offshore Markets with International Call Forwarding

UK businesses of all sizes often serve clients and customers in other International Call Forwarding UK usercountries including the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Russia, India, and beyond. However, maintaining branch offices in dozens of countries is cost-prohibitive and may not even be necessary.

Using international call forwarding, UK companies set up phone numbers that are local to callers in specific countries.

For example, if a business in London wants callers in Los Angeles to be able to reach the London office without worrying about international long distance rates, time zone differences, or the fact that the London phone number looks dramatically different from a Los Angeles phone number, the business can simply order a Los Angeles number with
international call forwarding to its UK office.

These phone numbers can also be issued as international toll free numbers and routed based on the time of day, Caller ID, and other settings using sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, account management tools.

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Offshore Businesses Can Expand into UK Markets
with International Call Forwarding

UK is a desirable market for many overseas businesses. As such, it's smart to establish an international call forwarding UK phone number for callers in the United Kingdom to dial to reach the offshore company. This international call forwarding UK strategy works in much the same way as the scenario described above, but the countries are reversed.

In this case, the overseas business orders a
UK number that looks much like any other phone number offered in the United Kingdom. For example, it could be a London number or a toll free UK "free phone" number. Using international call forwarding, UK calls would then be routed to the business's designated ring to number which could be located virtually anywhere in the world including Dubai, Japan, Russia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Germany, and beyond.

The designated number, called a "ring to" number can be changed as needed, providing the ultimate in flexibility.

For example, a business may operate call centers in different time zones to accommodate international callers. Using an advanced call forwarding feature known as "time of day" routing, it's possible to route callers to different phone numbers based on what time it is.

international call forwarding UK features include local ring tones, fax forwarding, voicemail to email, optional rollover minutes, simultaneous call processing, customized greetings, and superior phone call quality.

Enable UK callers to reach you easily with
International Call Forwarding UK.

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International call forwarding to or from the UK allows companies of all sizes to set up local phone numbers (either toll or toll free numbers) and route them to a designated phone number located anywhere worldwide.

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