International Call Forwarding Pakistan

International Call Forwarding Pakistan
International Call Forwarding Pakistan

International Toll free call forwarding is a method that companies of all sizes use to gain a presence in another country to expand their business and communicate with callers.

For example, if your company has customers located in Pakistan, you can be located in the U.S., India or ‘any’ other country and receive calls that originated in Pakistan by offering a Pakistan Toll Free number in your advertising your Pakistan virtual number on the Web or in print.

With toll free call forwarding, callers dial a local toll free number and the call is then instantly transferred to your “ring to” number. This ‘redirect’ number can be located anywhere worldwide. So you can literally be located anywhere globally and receive calls from any services country where international toll free numbers are offered.  See list here.

A common use for toll free call forwarding is for customer service purposes. Businesses can own a toll free phone number in a country where their customers are located to make it easy for them to place orders or ask questions without incurring phone charges.  An international toll free number takes the ‘long distance telephone call’ obstacle away for the caller.

Typically, businesses experience more sales when they employ an international toll free call forwarding number in a far away country where they have a customer base or where they want a customer base or intend to advertise.

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