Netherlands Virtual Phone Number International Call Forwarding

Create a phone presence in The Netherlands without a brick and mortar location.Virtual number Netherlands | International Call Forwarding

Own a private Netherlands virtual call forwarding number.

Have your Netherlands calls diverted to your Mobile or fixed phone number in ‘any’ country.

Netherlands Virtual Number

Netherlands city availability list:

NETHERLANDS Amsterdam (20)
NETHERLANDS Rotterdam (10)
NETHERLANDS Aalsmeer (297)
NETHERLANDS Alkmaar (72)
NETHERLANDS Almelo (546)
NETHERLANDS Alphen A/d Rijn (172)
NETHERLANDS Amersfoort (33)
NETHERLANDS Apeldoorn (55)
NETHERLANDS Appingedam (596)
NETHERLANDS Barneveld (342)
NETHERLANDS Beilen (593)
NETHERLANDS Bemmel (481)
NETHERLANDS Bergen Op Zoom (164)
NETHERLANDS Beverwijk (251)
NETHERLANDS Boxtel (411)
NETHERLANDS Coevorden (524)
NETHERLANDS Culemborg (345)
NETHERLANDS Dedemsvaart (523)
NETHERLANDS Den Burg (texel) (222)
NETHERLANDS Den Helder (223)
NETHERLANDS Deurne (493)
NETHERLANDS Deventer (570)
NETHERLANDS Deventer – West (571)
NETHERLANDS Dieren (313)
NETHERLANDS Doetinchem (314)
NETHERLANDS Dokkum (519)
NETHERLANDS Dordrecht (78)
NETHERLANDS Drachten (512)
NETHERLANDS Dronten (321)
NETHERLANDS Druten (487)
NETHERLANDS Eersel (497)
NETHERLANDS Eindhoven (40)
NETHERLANDS Elburg (525)
NETHERLANDS Emmeloord (527)
NETHERLANDS Enkhuizen (228)
NETHERLANDS Enschede (53)
NETHERLANDS Franeker (517)
NETHERLANDS Gorinchem (183)
NETHERLANDS Groenlo (544)
NETHERLANDS Groningen (50)
NETHERLANDS Haarlem (23)
NETHERLANDS Harderwijk (341)
NETHERLANDS Heerenveen (513)
NETHERLANDS Heerlen (45)
NETHERLANDS Helmond (492)
NETHERLANDS Hengelo (74)
NETHERLANDS Hillegom (252)
NETHERLANDS Hilversum (35)
NETHERLANDS Hoogeveen (528)
NETHERLANDS Hoogezand (598)
NETHERLANDS Ijmuiden (255)
NETHERLANDS Irnsum (566)
NETHERLANDS Leeuwarden (58)
NETHERLANDS Lelystad (320)
NETHERLANDS Lochem (573)
NETHERLANDS Maarssen (346)
NETHERLANDS Maastricht (43)
NETHERLANDS Meppel (522)
NETHERLANDS Middelburg (118)
NETHERLANDS Middelharnis (187)
NETHERLANDS Middenmeer (227)
NETHERLANDS Naaldwijk (174)
NETHERLANDS Nijmegen (24)
NETHERLANDS Noord – Scharwoude (226)
NETHERLANDS Oldenzaal (541)
NETHERLANDS Oostburg (117)
NETHERLANDS Oosterhout (162)
NETHERLANDS Oosterwolde (516)
NETHERLANDS Oud – Beijerland (186)
NETHERLANDS Purmerend (299)
NETHERLANDS Raalte (572)
NETHERLANDS Ridderkerk (180)
NETHERLANDS Rijssen (548)
NETHERLANDS Roermond (475)
NETHERLANDS Roosendaal (165)
NETHERLANDS Schagen (224)
NETHERLANDS S – Gravenhage (70)
NETHERLANDS S – Hertogenbosch (73)
NETHERLANDS Sittard (46)
NETHERLANDS Sliedrecht (184)
NETHERLANDS Spijkenisse (181)
NETHERLANDS St. Annaparochie (518)
NETHERLANDS Stadskanaal (599)
NETHERLANDS Steenbergen (167)
NETHERLANDS Steenwijk (521)
NETHERLANDS Terborg (315)
NETHERLANDS Terneuzen (115)
NETHERLANDS The Hague (70)
NETHERLANDS Tholen (166)
NETHERLANDS Tilburg (13)
NETHERLANDS Utrecht (30)
NETHERLANDS Veenwouden (511)
NETHERLANDS Veghel (413)
NETHERLANDS Venray (478)
NETHERLANDS Vianen (347)
NETHERLANDS Waalwijk (416)
NETHERLANDS Wageningen (317)
NETHERLANDS Warffum (595)
NETHERLANDS West – Terschelling Fr (562)
NETHERLANDS Winschoten (597)
NETHERLANDS Winterswijk (543)
NETHERLANDS Woerden (348)
NETHERLANDS Wolvega (561)
NETHERLANDS Zaandam (75)
NETHERLANDS Zaltbommel (418)
NETHERLANDS Zetten (488)
NETHERLANDS Zevenaar (316)
NETHERLANDS Zevenbergen (168)
NETHERLANDS Zierikzee (111)
NETHERLANDS Zoetermeer (79)
NETHERLANDS Zuidhorn (594)
NETHERLANDS Zutphen (575)

Virtual Number Netherlands Database
Virtual Number Netherlands Database

You should check the main database for any changes since this posting at this link.

International Call Forwarding Become local the easy way

Relying on email, Skype, chat and other communication methods all work fine. But so far, the ‘telephone’ call simply cannot be beat.

Companies that offer their products and services in many countries know that they need to provide an easy method for existing customer and prospective clients to reach them.International Call Forwarding | Be local the easy way

Relying on email, Skype, real time chat and other web based communication methods all work fine, even great! But so far, the ‘telephone’ call simply cannot be beat.

Many customers would not consider ordering a product or service online without first calling the company. Many times it’s only to verify and confirm that the company actually exists and has a working phone number before they offer up their credit card information on an online form.

So what do you do if you want to seriously focus on marketing your products and services to potential customers in more countries? The easiest strategy is to add international call forwarding numbers to your website’s contact page.

Assume that you have had a website up and running for a few years offering products worldwide and by now you have actual customers based in Turkey, Panama, Hong Kong, Brazil and the UK. However, your company has its main office in the US and offer only a local US phone number and maybe a US Toll Free number. (or be located in any country)

The international call forwarding service provides you with private Toll Free or local numbers. Those numbers can all ‘ring to’ your US phone number. You can own a Turkey Toll Free number or a Brazil Toll Free number, etc. Place those numbers on your website and get more sales calls because you have removed the ‘long distance’ obstacle and also have created a phone presence in another country which ads credibility to your companies marketing efforts.

International call forwarding or global virtual numbers have a feature rich menu of included customer preferences.

Many customers mention that they could not do business without their international call forwarding numbers.

Learn more about international call forwarding

Global Call Forwarding Services | Put your business on steroids

Global Call Forwarding Services – high impact sales tool

Global Call Forwarding Services

Global Call Forwarding Services - high impact sales toolIt’s not everyday that a truly valuable marketing tool becomes available to just about anyone, any company in any country.  But that’s the definition of Global Call Forwarding Services.

Many of our customers that use global call forwarding services, use it to create a phone presence in another country or city.  After the
virtual number is up and running, they advertise the virtual phone number and the calls received from the virtual number are diverted to any other phone number desired, worldwide.

For example, let’s say your company is headquartered in the UK and your marketing department says you have customers, existing or potential, located in Singapore. With Global Call Forwarding Services you could simply buy a Singapore virtual phone number and have the calls diverted to your UK number. Your company can then advertise on the web via emails that you have a local Singapore contact phone number. This would remove the obstacle for callers located in Singapore wanting to contact your company by phone to do business but may not want to call the UK. As you can imagine, the creative uses for virtual phone numbers and call diverting services are endless.

Global Call Forwarding Services – bang for your buck!

The ‘bang for your buck’ that global call forwarding services provides is hard to duplicate especially when you consider that for many companies attempting to be perceived as a local company would necessitate establishing a brick and mortar office in another country or buy a virtual phone number.

Which would be less expensive and quicker to accomplish. Create and staff a physical office in another country or buy virtual phone number in that country?  Learn more

UAE Toll-Free International Call Forwarding

UAE Toll-Free Numbers

UAE Dubai Marina
UAE Toll-Free Virtual Numbers

UAE Toll Free numbers are available for global call forwarding.

Accessible from the UAE: yes, all parts of the UAE
Accessible from UAE Mobile Phones: Partial
 This means that there are many mobile providers in the UAE and some may or may not permit access to Toll Free numbers.  However, the majority of mobile providers do permit access to UAE Toll Free numbers from mobile phones.
UAE Toll Free numbers are not accessible using the public switched network from ‘other’ countries. UAE Toll Free numbers are accessible only from inside of the UAE.
To learn more about UAE Toll Free numbers, visit

Creating a Turkey Virtual Number

Turkey Virtual Numbers

Turkey virtual number call forwarding
Turkey virtual number – international call forwarding

Virtual phone lines are available for the country of Turkey.

Available Turkey virtual numbers:

+90 – Turkey Toll Free

+ 90 850 Turkey National

+ 90 216 Istanbul

+ 90 212 Istanbul

Turkey virtual numbers accessible from:


Visit global virtual number site for all details about Turkey Virtual Numbers.

China 400 Toll-Free numbers available –

China 400 Toll Free number

China 400 International Call Forwarding

Easily create a phone presence in mainland China.

If you have customers or clients in mainland China, you can now own a China 400 Toll Free number.  Have your China originated calls diverted to your phone in any country.

China 400 Toll Free works from China mobile phones as well as China landlines.  It is accessible ‘throughout’ all of mainland China.

Call Forwarding local ring tones and fax to email Features

You can change the ringtone by logging into your online control panel to change the ringtone to Spain, which will change the default setting and play a Spain ringtone to the callers instead of the USA ringtone.

Call Forwarding local ring tones and fax to email features

Local Ring Tones

You can give a truly local calling experience to your callers by selecting a matching ringtone from your settings.

By default, your callers will hear the ringtone of your phone number that is set to receive calls from your Toll-Free or Local number.

For example, if your ring-to phone number is in the USA (that’s the number you want your calls forwarded to) and you have a Spain Toll Free or Local Number, your callers that dial your Spain number will hear the USA ringtone by default.

However, you can change the ringtone by logging into your online control panel to change the ringtone to Spain, which will change the default setting and play a Spain ringtone to the callers instead of the USA ringtone.

Fax to Email

When activated, this feature will allow you to use your Toll-Free number as a fax and will forward all incoming fax messages as an image file to your pre-determined email address. Please note that our Local Numbers are currently NOT fully compatible with this feature and may not receive faxes. Therefore, we recommend NOT using the Local Numbers with this feature and instead of trying the Toll-Free numbers.

Call Forwarding Caller ID Voice Mail Email –

Call Forwarding Caller ID and Voice Mail to Email Features
Call Forwarding Caller ID and Voice Mail to Email Features

View and Control Your Caller ID:

By default you will see the Caller ID from the originating party as long as we the call originating network passes this information to our system. You can change the Caller ID setting to show your Toll Free or Local Number instead of the caller’s phone number from the settings in your control panel.

Voice Mail to Email

When activated, your Voice Mail picks up the calls when your line is busy or does not answer and forward the voice mails to your pre-designated email address as a voice file with the Caller ID info, time, date, and the length of the call.

View all call forwarding features here.

Advanced Call Forwarding Features. –

Advanced Call Forwarding Features
Advanced Call Forwarding Features

Advanced IVR

With advanced IVR you can program a wide range of actions for your virtual phone number to perform when a call is received.

You can assign a customized greeting, forward calls to predetermined phone numbers when certain digits are dialed or when the Caller ID belongs to a certain country, create set of actions following certain criteria, and more.

This feature can be used to create a virtual office PBX system. Please contact our tech support team for complex programming needs and to find out your support options.

Tips and Additional Call Forwarding Features

Call Forwarding tips and additional features
Call Forwarding tips and additional features

Tips and Additional Call Forwarding Features

Advance Call Forwarding (Time of Day Routing)

This feature allows you to forward your calls to multiple phone numbers at pre-determined time slots depending on the day of the week and time of the day through your online control panel. You can also assign multiple rollover phone numbers in case the main number is busy or does not answer the incoming calls.