How to Use a Single Virtual Number for Your Entire Family

Global virtual phone numbers offer the ultimate in phone number portability.

Family phone extensionsBefore cell phones, families tended to use a single home phone number, a landline.

Today, families have multiple phone numbers such as a home phone number and individual cell phone numbers for each family member. While convenient, keeping track of all those phone numbers has become challenging.

In an attempt to keep things simple, many families try to get corresponding or sequential phone numbers. For example, Dad’s might be XXX-2201, Mom’s XXX-2202, and each kid’s the next number in the sequence. However, this isn’t always possible, and what happens if the family moves or gets new phones with new phone numbers?

Virtual phone numbers allow a family to have a single phone number just like in the old days, while allowing each family member to receive their own calls on their cell phones. The trick is to use our “interactive voice response” (IVR) feature and extensions. Here’s how to set a virtual phone number up for your entire family.

● Order a virtual phone number — Virtual numbers are a special type of call forwarding number where calls can be forwarded to just about any physical phone in the world. They are extremely convenient for businesses and individuals alike.

● Set up your extensions — Each family member will need their own extensions. When setting them up, you’ll be prompted to enter their destination phone numbers. For example, if you want Mom’s calls to ring to the family’s main land line, enter what would be the destination number for Mom. Meanwhile, you might want to enter your son’s cell phone number and your daughter’s dorm room number as their ring to call destination numbers.

● Create a welcome message — This is the message callers will hear when the call picks up. At this point, you can prompt callers to “Press 1 to speak with…” and list the individual family members and their extensions.

Using a virtual phone number for your family provides you with flexibility as phone numbers change. As long as your extended family and friends have your main virtual phone number, they can reach you, your partner, and your kids even if you’ve moved across the country (or to another country for that matter). Global virtual phone numbers offer the ultimate in phone number portability.

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