International Virtual Call Forwarding Strategy

Virtual Call Forwarding
Virtual Call Forwarding

Virtual call forwarding is a telecommunications strategy used by businesses of all sizes to accomplish a variety of objectives.

With low per minute rates and convenient calling and configuration features, virtual call forwarding is also an affordable, versatile option. Let's take a look at some of the more common uses for this telecom solution.
Staying in Touch with Call Forwarding

Virtual call forwarding numbers are also extremely portable and are ideal for entrepreneurs, home-based professionals, and mobile professionals who often work from different locations and can serve as a virtual PBX system by routing calls according to specific scenarios.
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Creating a Local Presence with Virtual Call Forwarding

Perhaps the most common use for virtual call forwarding is to create a local presence in cities a company serves or is expanding into. For example, imagine a pest Perhaps the most common use for virtual call forwarding is to create a local presence in cities or a country a company serves or is expanding into control company serving a large geographical area such as Houston, Texas.

While the company headquarters may be in downtown Houston, its trucks might serve surrounding cities such as Katy and Sugar Land.

By ordering phone numbers local to Katy and Sugar Land, the pest control company appears as if it has a local office in each of these cities. These local calls would undergo a process known as virtual call forwarding to route the phone calls to the Houston office.

Why would this company offer customers in Katy and Sugar Land Texas their own local phone numbers?

There are two good reasons:

1 Callers from Katy and Sugar Land may feel they'll get better service by choosing a pest control company located in their communities.

2 A local phone number with virtual call forwarding overcomes potential objections about dialing a long distance number and incurring fees for the call.

Expanding into New Markets with Virtual Call Forwarding

Imagine this same Houston pest control company targeting a new market outside its immediate service area.

The company may be willing to send a technician to Galveston, which is about an hour's drive, to service customers if demand is strong enough. By ordering and advertising a Galveston phone number and routing the calls to the main office, this company is able to expand its service area without having to rent office space, order phone equipment, install phone lines, and staff the office.

In this example, the expansion is local. However, companies often use virtual call forwarding to expand into other states and countries. Whether a business wants to serve customers in Houston, New York, Chicago, or Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, or Africa, virtual call forwarding is a cost-effective way to expand its reach.
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Tracking Advertising Performance with Virtual Call Forwarding

Virtual call forwarding is also a terrific tool for tracking the performance of advertisements. Let's use the pest control example one more time to illustrate this concept. Let's say the company is targeting the nearby Pasadena community and isn't sure what type of advertising will be the most effective: radio, newspaper, or Internet ads.

By ordering three different local phone numbers (one for each ad) and using virtual call forwarding to route those calls to the company's main office in Houston, it would be possible to track each individual ad's performance by analyzing the corresponding phone number's usage.

For example, if the phone number announced on radio ads generated 15 calls, the phone number advertised in the newspaper generated 20 calls, and the phone number published on Internet ads generated 50 phone calls, the company could come to the conclusion that it should focus on Internet advertising.

Since it's possible to order virtual call forwarding numbers on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contract and no early termination fees, this strategy is extremely useful for tracking ads with short shelf lives such as radio or newspaper ads.

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