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International Phone Number Forwarding
Virtual phone number forwarding services

Redirect calls from one country to another.  Call forwarding has brought major transformations to the way businesses and individuals communicate worldwide.

Even though phone companies in most countries of the world will not forward your calls to a number outside of your country, our numbers do.  Now it is possible to redirect calls from one country to another easily using a Virtual Phone Number in your country.
Brick and mortar offices
Virtual phone number forwarding curbs the need for businesses to build brick and mortar offices in countries where they have clients, associates and business operations.
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International Phone Number Forwarding

The days when it was beyond imagination for a caller in one country to dial a local number and have that call immediately redirected to another country, are gone.

How to do it?

For example, a Costa Rica company that does business in the USA can own a virtual phone number in Los Angeles, California USA. That virtual Virtual phone number forwarding phone number in Los Angeles can ring directly to their Costa Rica office number. The Costa Rica company could publish the U.S. virtual phone number on it's web site or include the U.S. phone number on any materials it sends to customers or prospects.

Virtual phone number forwarding enables offering services and products in one country and having any inquiry calls forwarded to another country. All of this is possible without the need of a Los Angeles brick and mortar location, simply a Los Angeles virtual phone number set up to forward the calls to Costa Rica.

Conversing with clients sitting in distant geographical locations, is now a day to day routine occurrence for people and businesses worldwide to utilize a virtual number. The availability of virtual phone number forwarding has made this a reality.


This expanded capability of international call forwarding exists because of substantial growth and open market business policies between the serviced countries. The utilization of international virtual phone number forwarding is open for those users who wants to establish their businesses outside their national boundaries or stay connected with important callers such as customers, associates and family.

We are all so used to these telecommunication services that it would be hard for us to even imagine a single day without using this communication medium, virtual phone number forwarding also known as international call forwarding.

Virtual phone number forwarding breakthroughs

It would not be wrong to say that with the advent of technology, the sector that has recorded most significant transformation is telecommunication services'.

In particular, digital technology that integrates transmission, switching, processing and retrieval of information that provides opportunities to merge with various service modes into an integrated whole.

As the role of digital technology advances, systems and services have become much more intelligent and labor saving on one hand and more software-intensive on the other hand.

Satellite and optical fibers are among the other technologies that have significantly contributed to the globalization of telecommunication services.

Telecommunication services are now an indispensable part of socio-economic activities. It safe to say that without telecommunication services as we know them, business would come to a standstill.

To tackle these kinds of circumstances virtual phone number forwarding is used by businesses and individuals around the world.

Virtual phone call forwarding is a service that allows people to choose a specific number for a particular country where they have callers -clients, associates or business partners without concern of the actual 'ring to' numbers. The ring to number is where the call is received.

The usefulness of this service is that it enables the subscriber to experience a better business-client association.

Whenever a client or individual makes a call on the virtual number he is not charged with premium international calling rates and creates in the mind of the caller that the business has a 'local' presence as opposed to calling to an international phone number.

Indeed, the virtual number which is selected for a particular country appears local as it follows the dialing conventions of that particular country.

Said another way, if a customer decides they wish to make it convenient for their customers located in Paris, France to call a local Paris phone number instead of the customer needing to call the main office number in the UK (or any country), they would request a Paris local call forwarding number that would follow normal France numbering syntax, 33 4 ## ## ## and have those calls redirected automatically to the UK office number.

Benefits from using a virtual phone number

Foremost, the benefits of virtual phone number forwarding are that it enables your clients or partners to make a call to your virtual number without being charged international tariff rates.

As an example, a company in Australia could offer services to it's American customers by offering a local U.S. phone number that rings in their Australian office. This provides for no international long distance expense for the U.S. caller.

Easy access is allowed to customers and help in better business collaboration irrespective of the your customer geographical location.

Virtual Numbers enable creating a phone presence in another country or city virtually overnight.

Using a virtual number curbs the need for additional work force to look after international or newly acquired territories.

Clients find a virtual number easy to communicate with your offices and can order new services or add additional services quickly without the need to dial internationally.

Virtual numbers also increase client loyalty ratios and adds business credibility to offer a local phone number in the customer country utilizing a virtual phone number.

Features of Virtual phone number forwarding services

Mostly people find it hard to schedule their professional work with traveling around the world to converse and conduct meetings with clients and business partners. But services like virtual number forwarding services have rescued people from saving their precious man-hours.

Generally call forwarding is used to forward an incoming call to another landline, mobile, VoIP, Fax etc. Allowing customer, associates or family to call a local number in their country and to divert that call to a specific number in another country, then international call forwarding is the right tool.


When we talk about virtual phone number services, it has changed the way businesses manage their clients and business communications. Significant changes have been brought about by the use of virtual phone number forwarding. It provides individuals and businesses with an ease of communication and collaboration throughout the world.
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