How to Use Call Forwarding Numbers to Receive Phone Calls from South America

Global call forwarding phone numbers are available for countries across South America.

South AmericaDoing business with partners, associates, colleagues, suppliers, and customers in both North and South America requires a thoughtful communications approach. If you’re located in North America, your toll free numbers will only work for callers in North America. Callers located in South America will need to dial your main number directly, incurring costs and hassles along the way. Global call forwarding numbers can play a starring role in your communications plan, and they’re both affordable and easy.

Global Call Forwarding Numbers for South American Countries

Global call forwarding phone numbers are available for countries across South America, allowing you to select local or toll free numbers specific to the countries that you serve such as Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, or Ecuador.

For example, if you need to receive phone calls from callers located in Venezuela, select either a toll free or geographic call forwarding phone number and then set up its destination number to the North American phone number that should receive the phone calls.

The benefits of doing so include the following:

• Callers in South America can call a local or toll free number, yet reach you in North America
• Callers do not need to dial international codes or incur international long distance costs
• Your business will have a local presence in the South American country without requiring a physical address or phone service
• You can change the behavior of your South American call forwarding numbers to best suit your needs

How to Get Started with South America Call Forwarding Numbers

Our rates are highly competitive, and all calls are forwarded over modern fiber optic networks for superior audio clarity. Our plans are offered on a month-to-month basis without contracts, perfect for short-term and long-term international calling needs alike.

Start by identifying the countries you need global numbers for. For illustrative purposes, let’s say you need just one call forwarding number for callers in Venezuela.

• Choose the country in the dropdown next to “Select Your New Phone Number.”
• Select the phone number type and actual phone number (if provided). For Venezuela, you can choose from toll free, toll free mobile, and numerous city-specific numbers.
• Enter your destination number.
• Choose the number of prepaid monthly minutes you’d like.
• Complete your order without a contract or long-term commitment.

Once activated, your callers can reach you instantly by dialing your new global call forwarding phone number. From there, you can configure the service’s more advanced features if desired.

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