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Create a Poland phone presence without a brick and mortar location in Poland.  Get a Poland phone number for your business and forward your calls anywhere in the world. Voice mail to email is included and your Poland virtual number accepts faxes and sends those to your email address.

Calls to your Poland virtual phone number will be instantly diverted to a mobile or landline phone located in any country.
A Belgium virtual number gives you control
Enjoy call routing features that make it easy to stay
connected to the European region.

Gain access to important features that help you to establish an instant connection between your Belgian customer base, associates or your new Belgium target market.
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So you want to create a local phone presence in Belgium?

For instance you are a diamond wholesaler in New York and you have extensive contacts in Antwerp, Belgium. You want to make it easy to receive calls from your Antwerp based contacts and associates. You can buy a Belgium Antwerp (+32 3) phone number and have those calls immediately divert to your existing New York phone number.  Alternatively have the Antwerp calls sent to any phone number in the world, mobile or landline.

How to Get a Belgium Phone Number
Obtaining a Belgium phone number is a simple matter of signing up for service. You do not need a physical location in order to establish a Belgium "office." By ordering a Belgium phone number with call forwarding, you can designate where you want the calls to be routed. Your "ring to" phone number can be located virtually anywhere. For example, you could receive Belgium phone calls in New York, the UK, Czech Republic, France, Italy, to a mobile phone or landline, PBX, call center or VoIP/SIP.

Getting the Most Out of a Belgium Phone Number

Call forwarding service offers more than the ability to receive calls from Belgium. When you take advantage of the numerous features available to you, your phone number can serve as a virtual PBX.

For example, online account management tools make it easy to: change 'ring to' numbers on the fly, create custom greetings, adjust how calls are handled based on the time of day it is in Belgium.  For instance, have your calls divert to your cell phone in daytime and another number at starting at 6pm automatically.  Or have all calls go to voice mail, and receive email notification with the voice mail.

Faxes are accepted by your Belgium virtual number and forwarded to your email.  Extensions can be set up and IVR features enable you to be very creative and design your own custom voice mail system well beyond the default.

About Belgium

According to the CIA World Factbook, Belgium has an advanced, highly developed, and fully automated telecommunications system. Internationally, Belgium’s telecommunications system serves as the landing point for  Belgium Mapseveral submarine cables linking to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. It is also home to 7 satellite earth stations.

Domestically, its telecommunications system makes use of an extensive cable network, nationwide mobile networks, and limited microwave radio relay network. As of 2012, Belgium had about 4.6 million landlines in use and another 12.88 million mobile cellular subscribers.

As of 2009, Belgium ranked 36th in the world for Internet users (8.113 million) and 21st in the world for Internet hosts (5.192 million). High speed Internet access first arrived in Belgium in 1999 with ADSL. Belgacom established the first network and its subsidiary, Skynet, became the first ADSL provider. Since then, more operators have enterd the market.

The Belgian Institute for Posts and Telecommunications (BIPT) serves as the regulatory authority for telecommunications in Belgium. Created in 1991, BIPT is a semi-governmental body that regulates the electronic communications market, the postal market, and media in the Brussels-Capital region as well as manages the electromagnetic radio frequency spectrum. As far as the telecommunications sector goes, BIPT is responsible for promoting competition, protecting consumers’ interests, and contributing to the development of the internal market.

As of early 2015, BIPT listed 25 pages of telecom operators in Belgium. Clearly, competition is robust. Some of the dominant fixed network operators include: Belgacom, COLT Telecom NV, Mobistar, Scarlet, Telenet, and Tele2 Belgium. Some of the larger mobile operators in Belgium include: Proximus, Mobistar, Mobile Vikings, Base, Telenet, Ello Mobile, and Scarlet.

Belgium - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses Synopsis

According to, there is effective competition in Belgium between the DSL and cable platforms, while in recent years government support has also encouraged investment in fibre networks. Telenet, supported by its parent Liberty Global, has invested in developing services based on the new DOCSIS3.1 standard, which is capable of providing data at 1Gb/s and higher, while the incumbent telco Proximus (formerly Belgacom), also has extensive fibre/VDSL and FttP deployments, with which it has promoted a range of bundled services.

This report profiles Belgium’s fixed and wireless broadband markets. It provides broadband forecasts for selective years to 2022 and assesses developments in related technologies such as FWA, WLAN and Wi-Fi.
Belgium Virtual Number Availability

Belgium (Toll Free) Belgium (800) (Toll Free mobile accessible) National (+32 78) Belgium Aalst (+32 53) Antwerp (+32 3) Arlon (+32 63) Ath (+32 68) Bruges (+32 50) Brussels (+32 2) Charleroi (+32 71) Chimay (+32 60) Ciney (+32 83) De Panne (+32 58) Dendermonde (+32 52) Diest (+32 13) Dinant (+32 82) Durbuy (+32 86) Genk (+32 89) Ghent (+32 9) Hasselt (+32 11) Herentals (+32 14) Huy (+32 85) Ieper (+32 57) Kortrijk (+32 56) La Louviere (+32 64) Leuven (+32 16) Libramont (+32 61) Liege (+32 4) Malmedy (+32 80) Marche-En-Famenne (+32 84) Mechelen (+32 15) Mons (+32 65) Namur (+32 81) Ninove (+32 54) Nivelles (+32 67) Oostende (+32 59) Oudenaarde (+32 55) Roeselare (+32 51) Tongeren (+32 12) Tournai (+32 69) Verviers (+32 87) Waremme (+32 19) Wavre (+32 10)

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