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Create a Poland phone presence without a brick and mortar location in Poland.  Get a Poland phone number for your business and forward your calls anywhere in the world. Voice mail to email is included and your Poland virtual number accepts faxes and sends those to your email address.

Calls to your Poland virtual phone number will be instantly diverted to a mobile or landline phone located in any country.

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Poland Phone Number Global Call Forwarding
So you want to create a local phone presence in Poland?

For instance you are a wholesaler of a product that you sell in Poland and you are located in Germany. You want to make it easy to receive inquiries and orders from your Poland based customers. You can buy a Poland phone number and have those calls immediately sent to your Germany phone number.

How to Get a Poland Phone Number
Obtaining a Poland phone number is a simple matter of signing up for service. You do not need a physical location in order to establish a Poland "office." By ordering a Poland phone number with call forwarding, you can designate where you want the calls to be routed. Your "ring to" phone number can be located virtually anywhere. For example, you could receive Poland phone calls in Germany, the UK, Czech Republic, France, Italy, to a mobile phone or landline, PBX, call center or VoIP/SIP.
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Getting the Most Out of a Poland Phone Number

Call forwarding service offers more than the ability to receive calls from Poland. When you take advantage of the numerous features available to you, your phone number can serve as a virtual PBX.

For example, online account management tools make it easy to: change 'ring to' numbers on the fly, create custom greetings, adjust how calls are handled based on the time of day it is in Poland.  For instance, have your calls divert to your cell phone in daytime and another number at starting at 6pm automatically.  Or have all calls go to voice mail, and receive email notification with the voice mail.

Faxes are accepted by your Poland virtual number and forwarded to your email.  Extensions can be set up and IVR features enable you to be very creative and design your own custom voice mail system well beyond the default.

Poland Telecommunications Market

The Republic of Poland has a history that dates back hundreds of years - to roughly the middle of the 10th century. In the late 1700s, Poland was partitioned between Austria, Russia, and Prussia. For a short while, Poland became independent but soon fell to Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II. Today, Poland is an economic powerhouse with one of the most robust economies in Central Europe. Poland is a member of both NATO and the EU.

As of July 2014 estimates, Poland had a population of 38.3 million. Since 1990, Poland Telecommunications.  Poland has pursued economic liberalization policies - a move that may have helped it to avoid a recession in 2008-2009 its fellow EU members did. Other belt-tightening measures such as pension and tax reforms also played a part.

Poland's economy is largely services (64.3 percent) and industry (32 percent) based.

Typical exports include: machinery and transport equipment (37.8 percent), intermediate manufactured goods (23.7 percent) and various manufactured goods (17.1 percent).

Germany is Poland's top export partner representing 26 percent of its exports. Poland also imports various items, again with Germany being its largest trade partner.

Telecommunications in Poland

According to the CIA World Factbook, Poland had about 6.125 million mainline telephone in use in 2012 and another 50.84 million mobile cellular phones. Poland has modernized its telecommunications network. Market-based competition has accelerated this.

Though the former state-owned company continues to dominate the fixed line market, that market is small compared to the rapidly growing mobile sector. Mobile-cellular service has been available in Poland since 1993.

Poland's international country code is 48. The country has one satellite earth station. Automated exchanges allow for international direct dialing.

As of 2012, Poland had 25 million Internet users, putting the country in 21st position when compared with the rest of the world. Roughly 65 percent of Poland's population had Internet access.

The Ministry of Administration and Digitalization oversees Poland's telecommunications industry. Some of the major players in Poland's telecommunications sector include: GTS Poland, INEA, P4, MNI Telecom, Orange, Mediatel, Multimedia Polska, T-Mobile, Polkomtel, Vectra, Virgin Mobile Polska, Simplus, Mobyland UPC, and TK Telekom.

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Poland (Toll Free mobile accessible) Biala Podlaska (+48 83) Bialystok (+48 85) Bielsko - Biala (+48 33) Bydgoszcz (+48 52) Chelm (+48 82) Ciechanow (+48 23) Czestochowa (+48 34) Elblag (+48 55) Gdansk (+48 58) Gorzow Wielkopolski (+48 95) Jelenia Gora (+48 75) Kalisz (+48 62) Katowice (+48 32) Kielce (+48 41) Konin (+48 63) Koszalin (+48 94) Krakow (+48 12) Krosno (+48 13) Legnica (+48 76) Leszno (+48 65) Lodz (+48 42) Lomza (+48 86) Lublin (+48 81) Nowy Sacz (+48 18) Olsztyn (+48 89) Opole (+48 77) Ostroleka (+48 29) Pila (+48 67) Piotrkow Trybunalski (+48 44) Plock (+48 24) Poznan (+48 61) Przemysl (+48 16) Radom (+48 48) Rzeszow (+48 17) Siedlce (+48 25) Sieradz (+48 43) Skierniewice (+48 46) Slupsk (+48 59) Suwalki (+48 87) Szczecin (+48 91) Tarnobrzeg (+48 15) Tarnow (+48 14) Torun (+48 56) Walbrzych (+48 74) Warsaw (+48 22) Wloclawek (+48 54)Wroclaw (+48 71) Zamosc (+48 84) Zielona Gora (+48 68)

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