Lithuania Virtual Number Enables Global Call Forwarding

Buy a Lithuania Virtual Phone Number for Global Call Forwarding
Lithuania Virtual Phone Number

There is no equipment to purchase to use a virtual phone number. The Lithuania virtual phone numbers work with any existing landline, mobile phone, PBX or Call Center globally.

Use it to create a virtual office in Lithuania.  Even if your office is located elsewhere, you can establish a local or Toll Free phone number in Lithuania and have the calls instantly forwarded to any country.
Own and Control a Lithuania Phone Number

The reasons are as varied as the business types
that use Lithuania call forwarding services

1 An Estonia company may want to own and advertise a Lithuania phone number because they provide services in Lithuania.

2  A manufacturing company may want to appear as if they have an office in Vilnius but in reality the company maintains a call center in Poland.
Lithuania City View
Lithuania Phone Number Database
Ordering a Lithuania phone number with international call forwarding capability is an easy, cost-effective strategy that immediately places your business in Lithuania with a local or Toll Free Lithuania Phone Number. Calls are instantly forwarded to any other mobile or landline globally.

International companies serving a U.S. market.
For instance, a Russian company (one of Lithuania's trading partners) could order a Lithuania phone number for its Lithuania customers to call instead of listing a traditional Russia phone number. This simple step can eliminate customer concerns about calling Russia due to international calling costs.

A mergers and acquisition company based in France may want a local Vilnius phone number that diverts calls to it's Paris office to make it easy for Lithuanian partners to reach them easily in addition to having a local phone presence to compete with France based contenders.

Getting a Lithuania phone number is an effective strategy that instantly creates an impression in the minds of Lithuanian consumers and associates or potential partners.

How to Get a Lithuania Phone Number
Obtaining a Lithuania phone number is a simple matter of signing up for one with call forwarding. You do not need a physical location in order to establish a Lithuania virtual "office." By ordering a Lithuania call forwarding phone number, you can designate where you want the calls to be terminate. Your "ring to" phone number can be located virtually anywhere. For example, you could receive Lithuania phone calls in Russia, Poland, Estonia, Sweden, Belarus, the calls can be received by a mobile phone or landline, PBX, call center or VoIP/SIP address.

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Lithuania Virtual Phone Number | Getting the Most Out of It

Call forwarding service offers more than the ability to receive calls from Lithuanians. When you take advantage of the numerous features available to you, your phone number can serve as a virtual PBX.

For example, online account management tools make it easy to: change 'ring to' numbers on the fly, create custom greetings, adjust how calls are handled based on the time of day it is in Lithuania.  For instance, have your calls divert to your cell phone in daytime and another number at starting at 6pm automatically.  Or have all calls go to voice mail, and receive email notification with the voice mail.

Faxes are accepted by your Lithuania virtual number and forwarded to your email.  Extensions can be set up and IVR features enable you to be very creative and design your own custom voice mail system well beyond the default.

There are many Lithuania area codes to choose from. Choosing a Lithuania call forwarding number that is the most recognizable would be Vilnius (+370 5) or Kaunas (+370 37) or Klaipeda (+370 46) and there are dozens more to choose from.
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Lithuania Local and Toll Free Global Call Forwarding Numbers
Forward Lithuania calls to any phone, anywhere in the world

Largest selection of Lithuania numbers
Free advanced features
Flexible plans with included minutes
No contract or cancellation fees
Lithuania Virtual Number Listing

Lithuania (800) (Toll Free mobile accessible)  Akmene (+370 425) Alytus (+370 315) Anyksciai (+370 381) Birzai (+370 450) Druskininkai (+370 313) Ignalina (+370 386) Jonava (+370 349) Joniskis (+370 426) Jurbarkas (+370 447) Kaisiadoris (+370 346) Kaunas (+370 37) Kedainiai (+370 347) Kelme (+370 427) Klaipeda (+370 46) Kretinga (+370 445) Kupiskis (+370 459) Lazdijai (+370 318) Marijampole (+370 343) Mazeikiai (+370 443) Moletai (+370 383) Neringa (+370 469) Pakruojis (+370 421) Palanga (+370 460) Panevezys (+370 45) Pasvalys (+370 451) Plunge (+370 448) Prienai (+370 319) Radviliskis (+370 422) Raseiniai (+370 428) Rokiskis (+370 458) Sakiai (+370 345) Salcininkai (+370 380) Siauliai (+370 41) Silale (+370 449) Silute (+370 441) Sirvinta (+370 382) Skuodas (+370 440) Svencionys (+370 387) Taurage (+370 446) Telsiai (+370 444) Trakai/Elektrenai (+370 528) Ukmerge (+370 340) Utena (+370 389) Varena (+370 310) Vilkaviskis (+370 342) Vilnius (+370 5) Zarasai (+370 385)

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Lithuania Telecommunications
Lithuania Telecommunications
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
According to

Lithuania - Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations - Statistics and Analyses


Lithuania’s small telecoms market is among the more developed in Europe. A number of alternative operators offer services although the incumbent Telia Lithuania is still the dominant operator in the fixed-line and broadband sectors. The number of fixed-line voice subscribers is in steady decline, attributed to fixed-to-mobile substitution. The cable and DSL sectors remain vibrant, offering effective competition in urban areas, though the focus among telcos as well as the government has been on investing in fibre networks, with an emphasis on delivering gigabyte data speeds. Fibre now account for the majority of new broadband connections.

This report provides an overview of Lithuania’s fixed-line communications sector. It includes a variety of statistics from the regulator and the main players, as well as an overview of regulatory developments and telecommunications network infrastructure.

Key developments:

TEO merges with Omnitel, rebrands as Telia Lietuvos; Bité, Omnitel, Tele2 and Telia create JV to administer number portability database; regulator removes obligations on Telia relating to fixed access market; report update includes the regulator’s market data to Q4 2016, telcos’ financial and operating data to Q1 2017, recent market developments.

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