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Creating a phone presence in Denmark enables you to establish Denmark availability around the clock. Some Denmark businesses work 24/7 so you won't want to miss opportunities for business from Denmark by not offering the Danish market an easy way to call your company for assistance or new orders.

You can buy a Denmark phone number as an effective way to connect with your Denmark target market, clients or associates.   Provide a familiar Denmark phone number that automatically connects to your phone in any country.
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Denmark Telecommunications

The CIA Factbook says that Denmark has excellent telephone and Internet services.

Domestic: buried and submarine cables and microwave radio relay form trunk network; multiple mobile-cellular communications systems.

International: country code - 45
A series of fiber-optic submarine cables link Denmark with Canada, Faroe Islands, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and UK; satellite earth stations - 18 (6 Intelsat, 10 Eutelsat, 1 Orion, 1 Inmarsat (Blaavand-Atlantic-East)); note - the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) share the Danish earth station and the Eik, Norway, station for worldwide Inmarsat access (2015)
Denmark Virtual Number Available Cities

Denmark (Toll Free) Denmark (808) (Toll Free mobile accessible) National (+45 69) Denmark Aalborg (+45 89) Aarhus (+45 89) Copenhagen (+45 89) Denmark (+45 ) Esbjerg (+45 89) Fredericia (+45 89) Helsingør (Elsinore)  (+45 89) Herning (+45 89) Holstebro (+45 89) Horsens (+45 89) Hørsholm (+45 89) Køge (+45 89) Kolding (+45 89) Naestved (+45 89) National (+45 89) Odense (+45 89) Randers (+45 89) Roskilde (+45 89) Silkeborg (+45 89) Taastrup (+45 89) Vejle (+45 89) Viborg (+45 89)

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Sunday, January 21, 2018 - Denmark Telecoms Infrastructure

According to

Denmark - Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations - Statistics and Analyses

Denmark’s competitive telecom market has led to the country having the second highest broadband penetration rate in Europe. It also has one of the highest penetration rates in the mobile sector, while the fixed-line sector continues to see a decline in revenue while customers migrate to VoIP and mobile alternatives.

This report introduces the key aspects of the Danish telecom market, presenting data on the fixed network services sector as well as profiles of the major operators. It also analyses market statistics and assesses the key regulatory issues including interconnection, local loop unbundling, number portability and carrier preselection.

Key developments:

Regulator amends wholesale obligations on TDK’s copper and fibre infrastructure; TDC to provide DOCSIS3.1 to 65% of premises by end-2017; regulator formalises cooperation with four Nordic regulators at a regional level; continuing slide in number of PSTN lines; report update includes the regulator’s market data update for 2016, telcos’ operating and financial data to Q2 2017, recent market developments.

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