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Romania Virtual Phone Number

With smart features such as international call forwarding to any country, you can own a virtual +40 phone in Romania and send the calls to any mobile or landline phone globally. Your Romania virtual number includes voice mail which is sent to your email.
Own a Romania Virtual Phone Number

You have business associates in Romania or family and you wish to make it easy for Romanians to contact you by dialing a local Romania phone number instead of calling you using the expensive Romanian international long distance service.

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Buying a Romania virtual number with international call forwarding capability is an easy, cost-effective strategy that immediately places your business in Romania with a Romanian phone number.

International companies serving a U.S. market.
For instance, an Egyptian company could buy an Romanian phone number for its Romania customers to call instead of listing a traditional Egypt phone number. This simple step can eliminate customer concerns about calling Egypt due to international calling costs and time differences.

A clothing and show manufacturer based in Hungary may want a Romania phone number to make it easy for Romanians to reach them easily in addition to having a local phone presence to compete with local Romanian contenders.

Getting an Romania phone number is an effective strategy that instantly creates an impression in the minds of Romanian consumers.

How to Get a Romania Phone Number
Obtaining a Romania phone number is a simple matter of signing up for one. You do not need a physical location in Romania order to establish a Romania virtual "office." By ordering a Romania phone number with call forwarding, you can designate where you want the calls to be routed. Your "ring to" phone number can be located virtually anywhere. For example, you could receive Romania phone calls in the USA, China, Belgium, UAE, Saudi Arabia, to a mobile phone or landline, PBX, call center or VoIP.
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Accommodate your Romania customers and callers

A Romania national phone number makes it convenient for your Romania clients to contact you instead of having them make an international phone call to your country.  To reach you, they simply dial your local Romania virtual phone number and connect to you at any number you designated worldwide.

Romania Virtual Number

Accessible from the following Romania cities:

Bucuresti, Iasi, Galati, Timisoara, Constanta, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Brasov, Ploiesti, Braila, Oradea, Bacau, Pitesti, Arad, Sibiu, Targu Mures, Baia Mare, Buzau, Botosani, Satu Mare

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Romania Virtual Number in Action | Use Case
Romania virtual phone numbers allow callers from Romania to place a local phone call that is automatically diverted to a phone located in a different country. There are many ways individuals and businesses make use of Romania global call forwarding numbers. Below are a few examples.

Studying Abroad — Virtual Phone Numbers for Students in Romania

Roughly 400,000 international students attend universities in Romania where they pursue their degrees and immerse themselves in Romania and Latin culture. Staying in touch with their families back home is much easier with Romania virtual phone numbers.

For example, a family with a student from USA has ordered a virtual Romanian phone number and set up the destination number so that it rings to the student’s mother’s cell phone. What would normally be a very expensive phone call from Romania to USA is now much, much cheaper. The family pre-pays for a certain number of minutes each month at our low per minute rates.

Whenever the student feels homesick or has news to share, there’s no barrier to calling. In fact, it’s a simple, local phone call just as if the family was living in the same country. Virtual phone calls work on any phone. Since there are no contracts, the family can cancel once the study abroad term is over and the virtual number is no longer needed.

In addition, the Romania virtual phone number works as a fax number, so the student can fax important school documents using the same local number. Faxes arrive as email attachments.

Using Romania Virtual Phone Numbers for Business Purposes

Not only are Romania virtual phone numbers convenient for personal use, they’re a must for international business involving Romania. For example, an international real estate firm working with clients located in Romania can use virtual phone numbers to make it easier for clients to call.

Rather than staffing a local office in Romania, the firm uses global call forwarding numbers to divert incoming calls from Romania to existing offices in other locations. With our interactive voice response system, the virtual phone number could be set up to prompt callers to choose the desired office such as, “for relocations to France, press 1,” which would route the call to an agent in France.

As one of the world’s largest crude oil producers and natural gas exporters, many international phone calls originate from Romania. Romanian companies with field offices abroad often set up global call forwarding numbers to simplify calling.

For example, calling a field office in neighboring Serbia would normally require entering country and exit codes, and if desired, a calling card number to get better international calling rates. By using an Romania virtual phone number and setting the destination number to the field office in Serbia, employees can call their colleagues in Serbia by placing a local phone call. Again, international faxing is also supported.

Whether serving clothing and shoe manufacturing, metal, extracting and processing of primary goods sectors or another category of international customer, businesses in Romania can use virtual phone numbers to ensure their customers can easily reach them no matter where in the world they may be such as Serbia, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine or any of the 150 available virtual number countries.

Get Your Own Romania Phone Number
Not matter how you intend to use a Romania virtual phone number, our contract-free plans give you the flexibility you need without locking you into a long-term contract. Call quality is exceptional thanks to our modern PSTN global network.

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