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Buy Virtual Phone and Fax Number
Virtual Phone and Fax Number

Did you know that a single phone number can serve as both a virtual phone and fax number?

When someone sends a fax to your virtual number, the fax isn't routed to a fax machine; it's routed to your email address.

Affordable and convenient, ordering a virtual phone and fax number delivers a variety of benefits beyond no additional monthly cost advantages.

Virtual Phone and Fax Number

Another benefit to owning a virtual phone and fax number involves portability. Whether you plan on moving your business at a later date, you can keep the same number; when you travel, you can forward your virtual calls and faxes simply by changing the ring to number online; if a call center is out of commission due to a power outage or storm, you can route your calls elsewhere.
Buy a virtual phone and fax number
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Get a virtual phone and fax number in your country.

With a virtual phone number, any faxes sent to your virtual number are accepted.

You do not need a physical fax machine, fax paper, toner or ink, and a separate fax line.  Instead of being printed on fax paper, the fax arrives in your email as an image file.

Simply click the attachment and view the fax on your PC, Mac or mobile device. You can even save it for your records or forward it to colleagues as needed.

Virtual numbers can also serve as "local" business numbers. For instance, you can order numbers in other cities and route the calls to your main office. International virtual numbers work the same way. You can have a Brazil virtual number and receive voice calls and faxes in any country you desire.
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Here's how a virtual phone and fax number combination plan works

First, you'll need to order a "virtual" phone number. This number truly is virtual in that it can follow you wherever you go. It does not require a physical phone jack installation. You can order a local virtual phone and fax number for just about any city in the U.S. - and in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Next, you can designate a "ring to" or destination number. This number is entirely up to you. For example, you may want to receive your virtual phone and fax number calls at an office with a PBX system, on a mobile phone, at your home office, or at a large call center.

Keep in mind that your initial choice can be changed later. In fact, you can change the ring to number 24/7 online.

From there, you'll want to set up your virtual phone account so that any virtual faxes that come in are routed to your designated email address. Other settings can be configured at this time or at a later date.

Finally, publish or otherwise distribute your virtual phone and fax number to your co-workers, partners, clients, and anyone else who needs a convenient way to call you or send you faxes.

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