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PBX Call Forwarding

PBX call forwarding is a communications solution that can make a small business feel like a larger one.

Whether your office consists of one or dozens of employees, you can receive multiple calls at once, route callers to the appropriate extension, and much more using the built-in  a PBX and IVR call forwarding features.
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You may want an affordable phone strategy to reroute your calls or want to expand into a new market, or need your business to appear more professional, PBX VoIP call forwarding is a cost-effective, versatile solution.
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Depending on your needs, you can use PBX call forwarding to create a more professional image or branch out to a wider market.

For example, if you operate a home-based business, investing in a traditional PBX VoIP/SIP system would likely be cost-prohibitive.

However, you may still want many of the features a PBX system traditionally offers such as the ability to handle multiple calls at once, customized greeting, auto attendant features, voice mail, time of day routing, extensions, and so on.

Callers to your home-based business won't suspect that they're calling a home office based on the professional and efficient routing of their calls.
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PBX call forwarding can also help a business of any size extend its reach. With PBX call forwarding, you can set up a virtual phone number from virtually anywhere in the world and assign it to ring to your landline or mobile phone. For example, if you work in Los Angeles but want to establish a presence in New York City, you can do so simply by establishing a New York City virtual phone number and using PBX call forwarding to route those calls to your Los Angeles office. With time of day routing, you can even control when your Los Angeles phone line rings and when those calls are routed to voicemail based on what time of day it is in New York City.

The same is true if you wanted to start serving clients in Italy, Brazil, China, Russia, Ireland, Singapore, or any other country. In these examples, you would need to order an international virtual phone number with PBX call forwarding set to ring to your Los Angeles office.

Call forwarding systems are extremely versatile as well and can follow you anywhere you go. Imagine taking your entire PBX system when you travel on business. With a traditional phone system, this would be impractical and impossible. With PBX call forwarding, however, it's a simple matter of changing your ring to number.

For instance, let's say you'll be in New York City on business for a week and don't want to miss any important calls while you're gone. Instead of dialing in and checking your voicemail messages periodically, you could simply change your ring to number to your cell phone and handle your incoming calls as they arrive. Again, your calls will be efficiently handled based on the settings you select.
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