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Mauritius Virtual Number Call Forwarding

You can create a Mauritius virtual number presence and stay connected with associates, customers or friends located in Mauritius without a physical location in Mauritius.

Mauritius virtual numbers enable redirecting calls from Mauritius to any mobile phone, landline, fax, VoIP or PBX in any country.

Forward calls from Mauritius to any other phone worldwide.
Mauritius international acheminement des appels téléphoniques.

Dans le pays de l'Ile Maurice, les numéros de téléphone virtuels sont accessibles depuis les téléphones mobiles mauriciens. Les appels peuvent être détournés internationalement vers n'importe quel téléphone dans le monde entier.
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You can create a phone presence in Mauritius and connect with associates, customers or friends located in Mauritius without a physical location inside Mauritius using a Mauritius Virtual Phone Number.

A Mauritius Virtual Number is mobile accessible so calls coming from a Mauritius mobile phone will be accepted by the network and diverted to any phone number worldwide and that can include mobile, landline, Fax, VoIP/SIP, call center or PBX.
Telecommunications in Mauritius
According to CIA World Factbook, Mauritius had 370,000 fixed line phone subscribers in 2014 for a tele density of 28 fixed line subscribers for every 100 people. Mauritius had 1.7 million mobile phone subscribers that same year for a tele density of 124 mobile phones for every 100 people.
The island’s telecommunications system is small, but with good service. The island is connected to the SAFE submarine cable system which links to Asia and South Africa, and in turn to the SAT-3/WASC submarine cable. Mauritius also has a satellite earth station, HF radiotelephone links, and a microwave link to Reunion.
According to, Mauritius was the first African market to launch cellular systems and provide commercial 3G mobile service. The island nation was also the world’s first to develop a nationwide WiMAX wireless broadband network.
Mauritius Telecom, the incumbent, is partially privatized with France Telecom / Orange holding a 40 percent interest. The entire telecommunications market is open to competition. There are three mobile networks (Orange, Emtel, and Mahanagar), and recently deployed 4G LTE-based services provide data at up to 100Mb/s.
As far as Internet usage goes in Mauritius, just 6.1 percent of the population, or about 81,700 people, were Internet users in 2014. The mobile broadband sector is growing rapidly with various service offerings including 3G, WiMAX, FttC, and FttP.

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