International Phone Call Forwarding

International Phone Call Forwarding
International Call Forwarding

International phone call forwarding involves issuing local phone numbers in countries around the world.  International phone call forwarding involves issuing local phone numbers in countries around the world and then forwarding those calls to another location.

Why go to the trouble of obtaining international phone numbers when you already have a toll free number? Toll free numbers are not necessarily international numbers.
Time of Day Routing

In order to get the most out of your international call forwarding plan, you'll want to take advantage of several key features such as setting up local ring tones and time of day routing. Choosing a local ring tone ensures that the tones callers hear are the same ones they hear when calling any other local phone number.

Time of day routing is a crucial feature when callers reside in different time zones. For example, you can set up calls made during your callers' normal business hours to be answered by a live customer service representative.
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Put it on automatic

With the time of day routing feature, calls made after hours can be routed to voice mail or a different phone number even in another country. For example, between 8 am and 4 pm calls are routed to the Philippines. After 4 pm, the calls go to India.

Order your international phone number today and extend your business reach to dozens of countries around the world.

With low per minute rates and an impressive list of calling features such as "time of day" routing, voicemail options, custom greetings, local ring tones and much more, international phone call forwarding is an incredible value.

Callers from outside your country may not be able to connect, and they might be put off by different dialing conventions.

If you serve customers in countries outside your own, the answer is international phone call forwarding.

For example, if your business is located in the United States and you want your customers in Paris, France to be able to reach your office, an international phone call forwarding plan can easily accomplish this.

How do you do this?

First, you would need to get a phone number local to Paris and then use international call forwarding to forward the calls to your U.S. office.

Not yet serving customers in other countries but considering it? Many businesses use international call forwarding as an integral part of their new market entry plans.

Instead of establishing branch offices in new markets, they order local phone numbers and use international phone call forwarding to route the calls to their established call centers.

This is an inexpensive alternative to costly branch offices. In addition, international phone call forwarding serves the same goal. For example, as your U.S. business enters a new market, such as Brazil, you want your Brazilian callers to feel comfortable calling you; you want them to feel as if your office is nearby - not in a whole different hemisphere. While you could rent local office space, staff the office, and order a local phone number, doing so is costly and could take a very long time.

With international call forwarding, you order the Brazilian phone number and forward the calls to your U.S. office. You can then advertise your Brazil phone number on your Web site. Callers will feel comfortable dialing a local number and you will have saved the expense of setting up a physical office.

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