International Call Forwarding Services

International Call Forwarding Services
International Call Forwarding

When it comes to international call forwarding services, many options are available.  However, international call forwarding services with numerous options and features can be confusing.

Which features matter the most? Which are nice to have but not necessary?  While the answers can vary based on individual needs and goals, the following international call forwarding service are essential to your international communications success.

Call Forwarding Quality Connections
Many international call forwarding services rely on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies to route phone calls over the Internet. Unfortunately, call quality can suffer. To avoid excessive dropouts, echoes, and line noise, choose a virtual call forwarding provider that uses tried-and-true technology: the public switched telephone network (PSTN).
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International Call Forwarding Services
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Despite the superior call quality, you'll find our PSTN-based international call forwarding service is economical. You do not need to sacrifice call quality for an affordable price - and you shouldn't.

Local Ring Tones
One of the main reasons many companies use international call forwarding services is to appear local and in essence is local to callers located in other countries. For example, a caller in Germany will be more likely to call a company located in Canada if a German phone number is provided by the Canadian company. The caller may even be under the impression that whoever answers the phone is also located in Germany. However, what if the sound the caller normally hears when a dialed phone number is ringing sounds different than expected? Ring-back tones vary by country, and it could jar callers to hear an unfamiliar ringtone. When this happens, the illusion of appearing to be a local company is threatened.

Low Per Minute Rates
Naturally, you want to save money no matter which international call forwarding service you use. The telecommunications industry is extremely competitive with low per minute rates to countries around the world. Identify the countries that you'll be using international call forwarding service with and find out just how affordable call forwarding can be. Again, chose an international call forwarding service provider that offers low per minute rates and exceptional call quality via the public switched telephone network.

Support for the Countries where your Customers Reside
Most international call forwarding service support major markets such as the U.S., Canada, U.K., India, and South America. But what if your customers are in Trinidad? Make sure that your customers can reach you using a local phone number by double checking that those countries are fully supported by your international call forwarding services provider.

Virtual Number Account Management
The easier your international call forwarding service is to configure, the better. After all, you may need to change the ring to number due to a staffing issue or power outage at the designated call center. Every minute that you waste trying to figure out how to do so is a minute where your callers can't reach you. Online account management tools that allow you to change the ring-to number in real time are invaluable. Not only can you easily reconfigure your international call forwarding service in a pinch, you can take advantage of low call forwarding rates to make inexpensive international calls. Simply change the ring to number to the number you want to call (and then change it back to your original ring to number afterward).

Account management tools generally allow you to change a variety of settings based on your preferences and needs. For example, in addition to changing the ring to number, you can also change the maximum wait time on answer, local ringtone, and more. You can also view detailed usage reports.

Fax Forwarding
Fax forwarding is a terrific addition to any international call forwarding service package. With this feature, you do not necessarily need a separate call forwarding number in order to receive local faxes, though you may want an additional one dedicated to receiving faxes if you expect a high volume of faxes. When a fax is sent to your international fax number, it is then forwarded to your email address as an attached image.

Flexibility and Choice
Another important consideration with all international call forwarding services involves flexibility and choice. Look for an international call forwarding service plan that does not require a long-term commitment with hefty early termination charges. Instead, opt for a call forwarding service on a month-to-month basis. This gives you the flexibility to establish phone numbers as needed, even if you only have a short-term need. In addition to the flexibility of a month-to-month program, you'll also want a wide selection of global phone numbers from which to choose as well as both local and toll free international numbers. The more choices your international call forwarding services provider offers, the more flexible the program will be as your needs change.
Advanced Call Forwarding Options

Sequential Forwarding is a tool included with your virtual number. The feature enables diverting the call to others phone number, up to ten and sequentially forwards after a few seconds.  If there is no answer, the call can then automatically go to voice mail which is also included or have the call transferred to an answering service or call center.

This call forwarding number empowers you to be available day or night or transfer off hour calls to any other city worldwide.
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