Global Virtual Number Call Forwarding Benefits

Global Virtual Numbers Benefits
Global Virtual Phone Numbers

Create a local presence in any of 150+ countries with an international call forwarding virtual phone number.

Virtual numbers enable International call forwarding to any landline, mobile phone, VoIP, PBX or fax, globally.
Benefits from owning a Global Virtual Number for International Call Forwarding

Business Virtual Numbers

Regardless of where your business is located, you can now own a private US or an international phone number in your choice of available countries. Currently there are more than 150+ country choices including 1000s of local city numbers and toll-free virtual numbers worldwide.
Global Virtual Numbers Benefits
You can own a call forwarding number and distribute it to your global clients and associates.

The service will allow your callers to reach you at any worldwide phone number you desire, cell phone or landline, globally.

For example, if you have a business in Colombia and your marketing department suggests that you may want to get a Toll Free number in Spain that will divert callers to Colombia, we will send you a private Spain Toll Free number that sends callers to your phone number in Colombia.

Personal Virtual Numbers

If you travel to different countries on a regular basis, Global Call Forwarding service enables you to give your virtual number to business colleagues, family and friends to make it easy for them to contact you.

Provide your associates and family with a unique U.S. or international phone number which will send their calls to you at any phone number you desire, worldwide.

Many features are included such as Voice Mail, Fax to Email, Time of Day Routing, Do Not Disturb sends all calls to Voice Mail, Simultaneous call processing, etc.

See Global Call Forwarding features here.

Overseas Toll Free Numbers

We can provision a Toll Free number for you in any of 140 countries.

For example, if you have a business in Colombia and your marketing department suggests that you may want to get a Toll Free number in Spain that will call forward callers back to Colombia, we will get you a Spain Toll Free number that sends callers to Colombia.

Overseas Local Numbers
Need a number in the UK? How about London? or any a local number in any of 400 UK cities.

We can deliver a local number in Moscow, Geneva, Istanbul, Singapore, Poznan, Bucharest, Panama, etc, etc. The inventory is simply too large to list here.

View the Virtual Number database

Most US or Overseas local phone companies don't offer international call forwarding, we do!

Whether you are a world traveling business person who needs connectivity regardless of where you're located or a business executive charged with creating a local presence in countries around the world, a valuable communications tools is available that easily allows you to be reached worldwide: international call forwarding also known as using a virtual phone number.

With the international call forwarding strategy, you can redirect callers to your mobile phone or landline regardless of where your phone is actually located. What is Call Forwarding? Call forwarding is a service offered by telecommunications providers.

When you order such a service, you are provided a virtual phone number specific to a certain geographic area that you choose. Your service provider then associates that local phone number with your destination number and routes any calls dialed into the local number to your destination number. For example, let's say that your company is based in Salem, Oregon and you are expanding to Denver, Colorado. You could establish a Denver phone number for your customers in the area to call and you can receive the Denver calls in Salem.

With call forwarding, these calls are automatically routed to your destination number in Salem. Who Pays for Call Forwarding? You will be billed for costs associated with maintaining your call forwarding line based on the service plan you choose.

Common uses for Virtual Numbers

Many of our customers want to keep their current phone number even though they may be relocating or traveling to another country. A useful strategy is to use a global virtual number to send your calls abroad to whatever phone number you'll have access to overseas.

So for instance, you may have a landline in New York where you receive calls now and many people you deal with know that number.  You do not want to drop or discontinue that number.

The solution is to choose a virtual number from our database and set it up to 'ring to' your new number in any country. Then use the call forwarding feature of your existing New York number and point to your new Virtual Number.  The new virtual number will send the calls to your overseas number that you've arranged.

If you don't know the number you will have overseas yet, you can activate the account with the virtual number ringing to your current number. Then when you get the real overseas phone number, simply login to your account online and change the 'ring to' number to your new number abroad to receive your New York phone calls.

Call forwarding is extremely useful for businesses of all types. The Salem, Oregon example illustrates how a business can create a local presence in a geographic area far away from the destination number. In this example, callers in Colorado may not even realize they are calling out of state.

This can be taken even further with toll free call forwarding to other countries. For instance, have you ever dialed an 800 number for a US-based company and reached a call center in India? The opposite of this involves establishing a toll free call forwarding number in India and routing calls to your U.S. office locations.

These are a few of the possibilities that virtual number call forwarding presents.
Businesses also use call forwarding to ensure uninterrupted service during disasters.

Imagine managing a call center in Florida during hurricane season. If your community is under evacuation orders, you won't have any customer service representatives to answer the phones, right? However, with call forwarding, your call centers in Wisconsin and Nevada could easily take over.

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Global Virtual Phone Numbers Benefits
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