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Companies of all sizes can get international phone numbers to extend their reach into new markets and better serve their international customers.

Expected Benefits When You Get International Phone Numbers

When you get international phone numbers, you are able to immediately establish yourself as a local provider within your targeted countries despite not having a physical presence there. Callers can feel comfortable calling your office because your phone number appears local; it is familiar looking; and there's no confusing international dialing requirements.
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When combined with call forwarding, these numbers are a cost effective solution that do not require setting up individual branch offices or international travel.

All you need to do is get international phone numbers from Global Virtual Numbers and assign your desired ring to number.

Join with our global clients and take advantage of superior reliability and features for your international call forwarding requirements.

After you get international phone numbers, you'd then publish those numbers within their corresponding countries. The phone numbers appear local to the callers, yet the call rings to whichever phone number you previously assigned as the ring to number. Your callers could be dialing a number that's local to Australia, for example, and the call could ring to a phone located in Canada, Switzerland, or another country of your choice.

If you buy an international toll free number, the caller can rest assured there will be no costs involved in calling. This puts your international customers at ease and eliminate potential concerns about calling a business located outside their country.

In addition, international call forwarding plans come with a variety of enticing features including

Month-to-month plans with no long-term contracts - Perfect for short-term international ventures

Fax forwarding - International faxes arrive in your email inbox

Voice mail to email options - Receive voice mail as email sound file attachments

Customized greeting - Set your own personal greeting

Time of day routing - Specify how calls are handled based on callers' local time

Local ring tones - Familiar audio tones based on callers' countries

Simultaneous call processing - Multiple calls move through your system's hunt group

Low per minute rates - International call forwarding is affordable

Call recording - Allows monitoring interactions between employees and customers

Free unlimited extensions - Set up advanced IVR announcements and greetings
Another important benefit when you get international phone numbers involves the cost advantages.

As you know, maintaining any branch office is costly. With international phone numbers, the person who answers the phone doesn't need to be physically located within the country.

Of course if you own a U.S. business that serves customers in Mexico, it's obviously far less expensive to get international phone numbers for the cities in Mexico that you serve and forward those calls to your main office or call center than it is to rent offices throughout Mexico. You could even route calls from Mexico to Spanish-speaking representatives.
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