Be Like a Fortune 500 Company with PBX Call Forwarding

Be Like a Fortune 500 Company
Did you know that 100 percent of Fortune 500 companies have an international local or toll free call forwarding phone number?

How about this fact: Companies that include a toll free number in their local or international marketing campaigns can see a sales increase of as much as 30 percent.

Here’s one more: 60 percent of websites do not list a toll free or local phone number on their website’s home page.
International Virtual Number will divert your calls to a mobile phone, land line, fax, PBX or VoIP number -in any country. Global call forwarding creates a simple method to communicate with customers and other geographically distant callers
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Whether setting up a domestic or international toll free number, the basic process is the same:

Select the countries involved
Pick a toll free calling plan
Designate your ring to number
Publicize your toll free number
Accept calls

With domestic and global toll free numbers, the account holder pays the costs, not callers. Global Virtual Numbers offers several no-contract toll free plans. Rates vary based on the countries involved and the desired number of minutes you’d like bundled into the plan. You can also opt for rollover minutes if desired which enables using any unused minutes to roll to the next month.
Be Like a Fortune 500 Company: Get a Toll Free Phone Number

PBX Call Forwarding can make a business appear large.  While you may not envision your business becoming a Fortune 500 company, you probably want to boost your sales. Getting a toll free phone number - and listing it on your website’s home page - can help.

Why get a toll free number?

Toll free phone numbers can help instill confidence in your business. Callers within your own country will be able to call you without worrying about costs. Not only that, they’ll be more likely to share their personal information using a toll free number. A toll free phone number can help make a small business look more serious and professional.

Why get a global toll free number?

Global toll free numbers are ideal when your business has customers, prospects, and other contacts located in other countries. If you are doing business internationally, getting a global toll free number, or a series of them for the various countries involved, can deliver similar benefits. Plus, they make your business appear as if it has a physical presence within each country.

What’s involved in getting a toll free phone number?

Getting a toll free number is easy. There’s no upfront investment, and you can set up your toll free number to ring to your main office, a home office, a mobile phone, voicemail, or any other phone number in your country. For example, if you move from New York to Atlanta, you can keep your toll free number. Likewise, if your main office suffers an extended power outage, you could temporarily divert calls to an alternate location.

Before you order a toll free number, however, realize that toll free numbers are regional. A US toll free number only works in the USA and Canada. If you have callers in other countries, you will need an international toll free number for each of the countries involved.
Be like a Fortune 500 company
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