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Virtual Numbers are a Business Tool

Whether you have an actual brick and mortar office or not, global virtual numbers are an option that redirects calls to the phone number that you designate while also allowing callers to dial local phone numbers.

Virtual numbers are really not a new invention. Businesses and individuals have used virtual numbers in the past for a variety of reasons.

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A virtual phone number eliminates geographical boundaries for both businesses and individuals.
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The most usual uses for a virtual number is to call forward from one location to another such as establishing a local presence in a global city where you do business.

Or place a virtual number in a geographical location to provide customer service, and be able to answer these calls at any of yopur locations worldwide.

Typical Use
A business has a customer base in Atlanta and wants to display an Atlanta phone number on their website and perhaps a Toll Free number as well.

This gives the Atlanta callers the ability to call either the local number or the toll free phone number to transact business. The Atlanta virtual number provides a potential customer with a 'local' number to call even though the actual phone that answers the call might be in San Francisco or London. This type of virtual number call forwarding service is often used to 'localize' a business.
Route incoming calls to different phone numbers in multiple countries

Another use for virtual number call forwarding is to route the incoming calls to different phone numbers based on the time of day. For instance, a company might have a 24 hour business making it necessary to have the calls answered in India for a portion of the day and then send the calls to the USA for the other portion of a 24 hour period.

These virtual call forwarding strategies are easy to implement with the right virtual number provider. If you operate an international business, these international call forwarding options will be most vital to you.

Your global customers could dial your own private international toll free number specific to their country location. It's as if you have a virtual presence in that country. This essentially removes any 'long distance' call barrier and should provide more potential sales and a happier customer base.

Assume you are targeting a market for you product or service in Brazil, you could get a Brazil toll free international number and set up the call forwarding to send the calls to your landline or mobile phone in any other country.

Whether your business is expanding locally or globally, using virtual phone numbers and setting up call forwarding allows your customers to reach you without incurring toll charges no matter where in the world you may be located.

Enterprises use global call forwarding for many reasons such as for routing calls from a remote office to the headquarters office or to enable local customers to dial local familiar numbers.
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