How to Activate Call Forwarding

Activate Call Forwarding
Activate call forwarding in a country where your customers are located.

With this strategy callers see phone numbers local to their countries, not U.S. numbers. This immediately establishes a local presence even though the business is located a world away.

Your callers can call you by dialing a local virtual number in their country. The calls will be diverted to your phone located anywhere.

International virtual number call forwarding

Businesses often activate call forwarding in other countries as well. For example, a U.S. business with international customers could set up international local phone numbers or international toll free numbers in various countries, activate call forwarding, and route all incoming calls to a central call center.
International virtual number and call forwarding
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Instead of disconnecting a local phone number when moving to a new location, you may want to keep the phone number and activate call forwarding to the new location.

This ensures that callers viewing previously published advertising materials (such as older phone books) are properly connected to the business.

Mobile business professionals and entrepreneurs often activate call forwarding as a means of staying in touch regardless of where they may be. For example, an entrepreneur might order a phone number and activate call forwarding to his office on the days he's in the office, route calls to his home office on days he works from home, and forward calls to his hotel when he's traveling.

Businesses aren't the only entities to activate call forwarding. Government agencies, non-profit organizations, and individuals can all benefit from remote call forwarding services. Using remote phone numbers and routing the calls to a central office is much more efficient and cost-effective than operating multiple physical branch offices.

Individuals often activate call forwarding to ensure that others can reach them despite frequent travel or multiple residences. Another common use for international call forwarding involves establishing a local phone number for loved ones living elsewhere to use. These calls are free to the callers and affordable to the account holder - a win-win communications strategy.

Call forwarding service is easy to set up and loaded with features such as Caller ID, time of day routing, crystal clear call quality, local ring tones, online account management, customized greeting, simultaneous call handling, and more.

With low per minute rates, monthly plans, and no long term contract required, it makes sense to activate call forwarding.
Activate Call Forwarding for your business

When you activate call forwarding for your business or for personal reasons, you are activating a unique telecommunications strategy with numerous benefits.

One of the most common reasons businesses activate call forwarding is to establish local phone numbers in the communities that they serve.

This is an affordable way to establish a local presence in these service areas because it does not require a physical phone installation. Instead, the businesses sign up for local phone numbers, assign a "ring to" number which is where the calls will be forwarded, and activate call forwarding.

When a local caller dials that number, the call is routed to the designated 'ring to' number which may or may not be in the local caller's service area. In fact, with global call forwarding, the call can ring virtually anywhere in the world!

With this strategy, callers see phone numbers local to their countries, not U.S. numbers. This immediately establishes a local presence even though the business is located a world away.
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