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Customers that use virtual phone numbers range from individual users to internationally well known corporations some of which are represented on our client list.

The cross section of worldwide users and their international locations is truly amazing and range from small users of family members that are far apart to worldwide NYSE companies with global branches and global call centers.
A call forwarding example | you have associates, customers or a team located in China.  The easiest way to communicate with your China based callers is to provide them with a China virtual number and receive the calls on your mobile or landline phone in any country.  Buy a China toll-free or local China National, Shanghai, Beijing or Tongchuan virtual numbers.  Select a number from the global database here
Why would you want a virtual China Toll Free number or any virtual number?

If your company has a customer base in China, a China Toll Free or local call forwarding number would enable a caller in China to easily reach your office in any other country. In essence, you can create a phone number presence in another country without a physical brick and mortar location in that country.  You could advertise a China phone number and receive those calls on your mobile number in Spain, the UK, Turkey, the U.S. or anywhere for instance.

The China Toll Free virtual number will remove any economic obstacle in the way of getting calls from your China customers, associates or family. The call will be free to the caller.

The China example is but one of 1000s of virtual phone number possibilities available worldwide. The possible usage strategies for global virtual phone numbers are limited only by the imagination.

Virtual phone numbers can make your communications life easier anywhere your callers are located (not available in every single country yet but now 140+ and growing).

We are happy to answer any questions or help clarify any aspect of this service. We'll help you get the perfect international virtual number for your requirement. 
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