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800 Number Forwarding
800 Number Call Forwarding

800 number forwarding delivers exceptional call quality, low costs, and numerous benefits to large and small businesses alike.

With features such as custom greetings, advanced routing, fax forwarding, simultaneous call processing, and voicemail options, your 800 number forwarding plan can even serve as a virtual PBX system.
Global Call Forwarding to Any Country
Because the cost of establishing 800 number forwarding and per minute rates are extremely low, many smaller businesses and individuals use toll free numbers. Not only can 800 number forwarding provide your customers with a free means of reaching you, an 800 number can make a small or home-based business look larger or more professional.
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800 number forwarding continues to deliver exceptional call quality, low costs, and numerous benefits to large and small businesses alike.

Many individuals use 800 number forwarding as well, especially parents with children attending college or living elsewhere. With a personal toll free number and 800 number forwarding service, loved ones can call without incurring long distance fees. In addition, month-to-month plans with no contract and with optional rollover minutes are available, making 800 numbers a viable option even for short-term use.

Another 800 number forwarding trend involves establishing international toll free numbers in other countries and routing those calls to a central call center. For example, many enterprise organizations have outsourced customer service and technical support to countries such as India. Callers in America dial a standard American 800 number yet their calls are answered a world away by an agent or support technician in India.

The reverse is also popular with large and small businesses alike. In this case, companies establish international toll free numbers with the intention of creating a local presence and then route those calls to an office or mobile phone located elsewhere. For example, a financial consultant that specializes in helping clients in the U.K. but currently lives in South Africa could create toll free number in the U.K. and then route the calls to the South Africa office.
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Whether you need a national phone number or a temporary toll free number with no long term contract, you’ll appreciate low per minute rates and useful account features included with 800 Number Forwarding.
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