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RollOver Minutes

RollOver Minutes is a solution for customers that have fluctuating account usage.

As a result, you will be able to use those unused minutes for times when higher call forwarding activity occurs.

No Term Contract

Most importantly, a virtual phone number is a month-to-month service.

Use your international call forwarding service for as long as you require.  Cancel at any time.

Simultaneous Call Processing

Simultaneous ringing feature with toll-free service is very effective in call centers and can maximize the utility of your toll-free number.

Therefore, simultaneous call processing allows you to forward calls to two or more phone numbers at the same time.

SMS Messaging

Will I see the Caller ID of the sender of SMS / Text messages in my email?
Yes, our system receives the Caller ID of the SMS / Text message sender and will be forwarding that information to your email along with the content of SMS messages.
What happens to text messages that get sent to my number?
If you purchased an SMS enabled number from us, we forward all your incoming SMS / Text messages to your preselected email address.

Try For Free

As a matter of fact, we offer free trials for new customers to test out how the service works.

A customer can use the customer portal to enjoy all the included advanced forwarding features.

Free Trials are available for personal or business accounts.

Failover Forwarding

Additionally, the failover forwarding feature enables multiple phone numbers with redundant layers of Tier 1 carriers.

In like manner, if the first number or SIP account is busy or does not answer, the system automatically connects the incoming call to the next number in line.

Most importantly, the failover feature ensures the call is not dropped.

Customized Greeting

Moreover, you can record a custom greeting for your virtual number.  Coupled with, the recorded greeting will be played to a caller when your virtual phone number is called prior to the call being forwarded to your 'ring to' number.

Again, you could upload any current sound file you have now or use your phone to create a greeting. --"thank you for calling ABC Company........".  The greeting is optional.

Voice Mail & Fax to Email

Coupled with Voice Mail, Fax to Email Forwarding enables you can receive a voicemail or fax sent to your virtual number and will be automatically delivered to you by email.

Likewise, there is no extra charge for using this feature.

Advanced Call Forwarding

Similarly, forwarding calls to different phone numbers, even if in another country can be crucial to your requirements.

In addition, have calls sent to voicemail depending on the time of the day.

Not only that, you can select different routing for different days of the week.
Call Recording
Uniquely important, recording of calls is an included feature that enables you to automatically record your inbound calls.

Besides that, recording calls are also very simple to setup and begin using. With just a few clicks you can enable or disable call recording selectively on any of your virtual numbers.

Not only that but also use it to monitor interactions between employees and customers for quality control.  Additionally, recording call content provides clarification to management.
Local Ringback Tone
Equally rich feature, if your calls are forwarded to countries other than the one your Call Forwarding Number belongs to, you can select the ringtone of the origin country for your callers to hear.

So, for example, if you buy a China virtual phone number, China callers will hear and be familiar with that ringtone.

Customer can easily change ringtones from their account portal.
Call Transfer
Likewise, Attended Call Transfer gives businesses the power to place an incoming call on hold, dial a pre-programmed digit sequence (programmable by the account owner) to reach a different department or call center located anywhere in the world.

Equally, while this feature is most useful for small businesses that do not have a PBX, large enterprises with sophisticated PBXs are showing interest in this feature for its ease of setup and its ability to utilize fewer PBX resources.
Industry Leading International Virtual Number Service
In light of the fact that we offer a comprehensive feature rich Global Virtual Phone Number Service. Additionally, we provide the widest variety of country-specific virtual numbers now at 150+ countries.

In essence, this gives our customers multiple options (toll-free and local numbers) within the same country.

International Call Forwarding aka International Virtual Phone Number

Most significantly, International Call Forwarding service allows you to activate your own local phone number or toll-free phone number in any available country.

In the same fashion, this is ideal for creating a virtual phone presence in a remote location. Also, Global Virtual Numbers offer local DID and toll-free numbers with 1000s of local city numbers around the world.

By the same token, these local or toll-free numbers act as a local point of contact and redirect the callers to your mobile phone, landline or VoIP Globally.

Therefore, if a company in Serbia is offering a product or service in the U.S., Sweden, Russia, and China, our International Call Forwarding service can quickly create a phone presence in each of these countries.

As a result, all calls made to these virtual phone numbers will be instantly diverted back to your designated Serbia phone number.

Offer Callers a Local Phone Number

In light of this day and age where businesses seek international customers, the ability to offer a local contact phone number in a customers own country or city can be critical to doing business internationally.

In like manner, your overseas callers are forwarded to your office located anywhere enabling your business to grow.

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