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What is International Call Forwarding?

International call forwarding is a convenient way for businesses to connect with customers and partners from around the world without the caller having to be concerned with the high cost of making international calls. With international call forwarding, callers dial a phone number that appears to be an in-country phone number. However, that call is forwarded to a phone located elsewhere.

International Call Forwarding can divert calls worldwideFor example, if your main office is in the United States but you have customers located in London, you could obtain a London phone number and use international call forwarding to route those calls to your U.S. office. Your callers in London would dial what appears to be a London phone number, yet they'll reach you in the United States.

Benefits of International Call Forwarding

With support for dozens of countries, you could use
international call forwarding to establish a presence in countries as varied as USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Brazil, Italy, Egypt, Iceland, Oman, and Vietnam plus many more.

Facilitating global communication,
international call forwarding is extremely flexible and easy to use. For example, if you choose an international call forwarding plan that includes online account management tools, you could easily manage ring-to numbers, auto attendant settings, voice mail, time of day routing, and other features.

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Uses for International Call Forwarding

One of the most popular uses for international call forwarding is setting up local branch offices around the world. Doing so can accomplish two important things.

First, it allows your business to look like it's local without having to invest in a physical location and local staff. Second, it reassures callers that they won't have to pay high international rates to reach you out of their country. In fact, the perception that your business is located elsewhere can be a major obstacle that prevents callers from calling you. By providing callers with a local phone number, this obstacle is completely removed.

Some creative users have used international call forwarding as a way to make inexpensive international phone calls. Since you can change the ring-to number quickly and easily, you could temporarily change the ring-to number to ring to any number in the world that you need to call. For example, if you're in the U.S. and need to call a client in Slovakia, you could change one of your U.S. phone numbers to ring to the client's phone number in Slovakia and take advantage of your international call forwarding plan's low per-minute rates. Of course, you'd need to change your ring-to number back to its original number once you complete your phone call.

Many people use international call forwarding as an affordable means of staying in touch with loved ones living abroad. For example, if a loved one is stationed in Germany and you're living in Canada, you could set up a local German phone number and use
international call forwarding to route any calls to your Canada landline or mobile phone. This would ensure that your caller in Germany can call you at any time without worrying about incurring costly international toll charges.

Another creative call forwarding technique is often used by business travelers that want to avoid expensive roaming fees when outside their service areas. These travelers typically purchase an inexpensive disposable cell phone after arriving in a new country. This ensures that they can use the phone locally without roaming charges. However, it can also allow them to be reached by colleagues and loved ones back home - if they have an international call forwarding plan and configure the new cell phone's number as the ring-to number.

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International Call Forwarding Plans

International Call RedirectAs with most telecommunications services, international call forwarding is available in several different plans. You'll need to decide between getting a local or toll free number. With a local plan, your international callers would dial a local phone number for their country. If callers dial that number from within its local calling area, they won't incur any fees.

However, callers from outside its local calling area would incur local or long distance charges. On the other hand, an international toll free number would be free to callers. In either case, you would be responsible for the per minute rates involved in forwarding the call to your ring-to number just as you would with a traditional toll free phone number.

Which should you choose - a local number or a toll free number? This depends on what you want to accomplish. For example, if you're in the U.K but want to establish an office in San Diego, California, you may want to get a local 619 or 858 phone number. This can give your San Diego callers the impression that you're just down the street while an 800 number wouldn't necessarily do that. On the other hand, if you want your U.S. customers to be able to reach you from all 50 states without incurring toll charges, an 800 number with international call forwarding to your U.K. office would be the better choice.

In addition to local versus toll free decisions, you'll also need to select a call forwarding plan with the features that matter most to you. Features to look for include: call quality, support for the countries you plan on servicing, online account management tools, local ring tones, and time of day routing.

Choose an international call forwarding or
global virtual number provider that uses traditional phone networks rather than VoIP technology as the call quality will be far superior. Local ring tones are important as well as callers will notice any deviation from the norm. Time of day routing is highly desirable as it allows you to effectively deal with the varying time zones that come with international communications.

Finally, consider an
international call forwarding plan that offers affordable rates, rollover minutes, superior customer care, and month-to-month plans with no long-term contracts. View rates for international call forwarding here.

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International call forwarding enables businesses of all sizes to establish themselves in new markets around the world without the expense of setting up and staffing a local office.

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