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Get a 1800 Number and Get More SalesGet a 1800 Number and Get More Sales
When you get a 1800 number, you are providing potential customers with a free means of reaching your company.

Without an 800 number, callers from outside your local calling area may hesitate to call you due to concerns about the cost of the call.

In fact, they may even choose not to call your business and call your competitor instead. By providing a
1800 number, your company picks up Get a 1800 Number and Appear More Professionalthe entire cost of the call - and callers will no longer hesitate to dial your number. Get a 1800 number, advertise it, and increase your sales as a result.

Get a
1800 Number and Appear More Professional and local.

Increasing sales is certainly a compelling reason to get a 1800 number. However, it's not the only one. In fact, many companies get a 1800 number to enhance their image. For example, if you operate a small design business out of your home and serve customers across the nation, a toll free number can make your company appear larger or more professional.

Features that come with a
1800 number can further enhance your business image. For example, you could create a custom greeting, route callers to voicemail, route callers to specific extensions, activate "time of day" routing, and more. You can even change the destination "ring to" number as needed, ensuring that you never miss a toll free call no matter where you may be.

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Get a 1800 Number and Reach International Customers

Whether your business operates in the United States or elsewhere, you can also use toll free numbers to reach a larger market. For example, international toll free numbers allow callers to dial a toll free number local to their countries, yet the call can be routed virtually anywhere.

How Toll Free Numbers Work

1800 numbers are "virtual" phone numbers in that calls are routed to whichever phone number you designate as your "ring to" number. This designated number can be located wherever you operate such as a call center in Florida, a main office in Michigan, or a home office in Oregon. You can even change the ring to number as needed.

When a caller dials the
1800 number, the phone call rings to the designated number and your company is billed for the call on a per minute basis. Typical features include:
  • Exceptional phone call quality
  • Ring up to 10 numbers simultaneously
  • Fax forwarding
  • Voicemail to email
  • Online account dashboard
  • Custom greeting
  • Multiple call processing
  • Roll Over Minutes Option
  • Local ring tones

    How to Get a 1800 Number

Ordering a 1800 numbers is easy and rates are more affordable than ever. The process involves selecting the type of toll free number you want, choosing a ring to number, viewing the plans and rates, and choosing the plan that's right for you.

Toll-free numbers are available in
many countries, not only the U.S. The list of countries is extensive. For example, do you need to advertise your product or service in Turkey? We can provide you with a Turkey toll-free number that will divert the calls instantly to your office in 'any' country.

Give your potential customers one more reason to call your company, get a 1800 number.

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If your call center is in Europe but serves a U.S. clientele, you could get a 1800 number for your U.S. callers and then route those calls to your European call center.

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