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0800 Numbers

0800 Numbers

Like the United States, businesses in the United Kingdom offer toll free phone numbers for customers to call without incurring toll charges. In the UK, these numbers are called "freephone" or 0800 numbers.

How 0800 Numbers Work

0800 numbers are "virtual" toll free numbers for callers in the United Kingdom. When a company orders a 0800 number, the number is issued When callers dial 0800 numbers, they are not charged for the cost of the call.and routed to a specific phone number.

Unlike traditional phone lines, the number does not need to be installed to a physical phone line.

Instead, the account holder designates an existing line for the 0800 numbers to ring to. This designated number is known as the "ring to" number.

The 'ring to' number can be virtually any phone number the account holder chooses such as a mobile phone, London office phone number, or even an international call center.

When callers dial
0800 numbers, they are not charged for the cost of the call. Thus, the call is free to callers. The account holder for the 0800 numbers pays for the call on a per minute basis.

Uses for 0800 Numbers

0800 numbers have a variety of uses with one of the most common uses being for customer service. UK businesses provide their customers and prospective customers with 0800 numbers to make it as easy as possible for callers to place orders, call with questions, schedule service, register a complaint, get technical support, and so on. Since the callers do not pay for the call, they'll be more likely to call for assistance.

Companies of all sizes can benefit by ordering
0800 numbers - including small and home-based businesses. In fact, a toll free number can help a small business compete with larger ones by taking toll charges out of the equation and adding credibility.

Individuals often order toll free phone numbers as a means of helping loved ones stay in touch. Whether you travel frequently or maintain two homes, having a portable 0800 number ensures that family members, friends, and colleagues can reach you at all times. With low per minute rates, you may even want to get a toll free number for your college-aged children to call when living out of your local calling area.

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0800 numbers aren't just for companies and individuals located in the UK. In fact, companies from around the world often establish 0800 numbers in order to serve customers located in the United Kingdom.

For example, if your business is based in Atlanta, Georgia but serves customers in the United Kingdom, ordering 0800 numbers and designating your Atlanta call center as the ring to number immediately makes it easy for your UK customers to reach your business. To the callers, not only is the cost of the call free, the phone number looks like a UK phone number instead of one based in the USA.

Common Features for 0800 Numbers
When you order 0800 numbers, you are also gaining access to a "virtual PBX system" complete with online account management tools and a variety of useful features. Below are a few of the features you'll want to take advantage of:

Crystal clear sound quality - The use of the public switched telephone network instead of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) ensures the best possible audio quality of your calls.

Internet-based account management tools - Whether you need to change the ring to number or record a customized greeting, being able to do so 24/7 is vital. With Internet-based account management tools, you can simply log in and change your account settings as needed.

Fax and voicemail forwarding options - If you need the ability to receive the occasional fax, you set up your account to forward incoming faxes to your email address where they'll arrive as an image attachment. Similarly, you can set your account to forward any voicemail messages you may receive to your email address as a sound file.

Simultaneous call processing - When two or more callers dial at the same time, simultaneous call processing ensures that all calls go through without busy signals. Based on how you've configured your account, the secondary calls will either rotate through your hunt group or be routed to voicemail.

Customized greeting - Record a personalized greeting for your callers to hear as their call is being routed to the appropriate agent, hunt group, or voicemail box.

Local ring tones - Because the sound of a phone ringing can vary from one country to the next, setting a local ring tone for your 0800 numbers ensures that your callers hear the tones that they're familiar with.

Time of day routing - This advanced feature is incredibly useful as calls can be handled differently based on the time of day. For example, you could configure calls to ring to your call center during normal business hours and then send after hours calls to voicemail.

No charge for busy calls - If a caller receives a busy signal or is unable to connect to your 0800 phone number, you won't be charged for the call.

Optional rollover minutes - For just a small additional fee, you can take advantage of rollover minutes. This allows you to add any unused minutes to the next billing cycle.

No long term contracts - Whether you run a small business or a large multinational organization, being able to order 0800 numbers on a month-to-month basis without a long term contract provides you with cost savings and flexibility. With a month-to-month plan, you can cancel or upgrade your number at any time without penalties.

Ordering 0800 Numbers

Whether you need
0800 numbers for short term or long term use, ordering is a simple matter. All you need to do is specify that you want a toll free 0800 phone number, designate the ring to number, and select the plan that's best for your needs.

Since these plans are offered on a month-to-month basis, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan or downgrade to a lesser plan as your needs change.

Exceptional call quality, competitive per minute rates, and many useful features create a true value for 0800 numbers.

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An 0800 number essentially functions as an international call forwarding phone number that enables calls to divert to 'any' country.

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