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Telephone Call Forwarding

Telephone call forwarding involves establishing a "virtual" phone number that can be diverted to a different phone number located anywhere globally.

For example, instead of ordering phone service for a physical location  Telephone Call Forwarding user and having a phone installed, you can use telephone call forwarding to bypass a physical location completely.

Uses for Telephone Call Forwarding

Telephone call forwarding isn't just for business. Many people use virtual phone numbers to ensure that family members and friends can reach them no matter where they may be.  Get Telephone Call Forwarding to make your communications life easier.
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Telephone Call Routing Uses

For example, if you live in Illinois during the summer and spend your winters in Florida, you could change your 'ring to' number to the appropriate landline as needed, in real-time.

Many parents of college students set up telephone call forwarding numbers so that students can call a local phone number to reach home. Student don't incur any long distance charges for these calls, and parents are billed a low per minute rate.

You could also use call forwarding when on vacation or away from home for extended periods. Depending on your plan, you could even set up the number to ring to a specific phone based on the time of day it is.

Telephone call forwarding plans are versatile, affordable, and easy to set up and use. Whether you want to use call forwarding for business or personal reasons, you can benefit from numerous features such as: exceptional call quality, low rates, fax forwarding, customized greeting, time of day routing, online account management, voicemail to email, Caller ID, and rollover minutes - all on a month-to-month, no long-term contract basis.
Depending on your needs, you can use Telephone Call Forwarding to create a more professional image or branch out to a wider market.

When a caller dials your virtual phone number, the phone call is then routed to any phone number that you have previously designated as your "ring to" number. This could be your main office's phone number, a call center, your mobile phone, a fax line, VoIP number and so on.

Business Uses for Telephone Call Forwarding

Around the world, businesses of all sizes use telephone call forwarding as a means of facilitating communications with local callers. For example, companies serving a large geographic region often order phone numbers that are local to the communities that they serve complete with the local prefixes and area codes. Instead of staffing dozens of small branch offices to handle incoming calls, telephone call forwarding is used to route the calls to a central office.

Many businesses use a combination of local remote call forward virtual numbers, toll free numbers and international phone numbers.

Entrepreneurs and home-based business owners often use call forwarding to ensure that they're easy to reach no matter where they may happen to be. For example, you could change your ring to number to your cell phone or hotel room when on a business trip. If you split your time between a shared office space and your home office, you could change your ring to number as needed.
Telephone Call Forwarding
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