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Whether your business is located inside Canada or serves Canadian customers, extend your reach with toll free numbers.Whether your business is located inside Canada or serves Canadian customers, extend your reach with Canada toll free numbers.

Canada businesses serving international customers can also take advantage of toll free numbers. Here's what you need to know about using toll free numbers inside and outside Canada.

Canada Toll Free Numbers: Canada to Canada Calls

If your business and customers are located within Canada, it may make sense to use toll free numbers. Canada is huge and a toll free number When you order toll free numbers, Canada callers are not charged for the call but your business is.can ensure that your callers from Vancouver to Quebec can reach your company without incurring long distance fees.

When you order
toll free numbers, Canada callers are not charged for the call but your business is.

Expect to pay a small fee per minute for each call. By offering your customers a toll free option, you are offering better customer service and overcoming potential objections at the same time.

Toll Free Numbers Canada from External Countries

If your company is located in Canada but your customers are located in other countries, you'll need a different type of toll free number. Canada and the US have the same numbering syntax while other countries have their own unique toll free phone numbering system.

In this case, you would need to order
toll free phone numbers for the countries you serve and then have those calls routed to your office in Canada.

Again, your callers would not incur any long distance charges if you provided them with a local Toll Free number. This becomes even more important when dealing with international callers.

For example, a caller in South Africa or Hong Kong could be concerned about the cost of calling Canada if you only offered your direct Canada phone number. By offering a local or
Toll Free South Africa number that pointed calls to Canada, dialing an overseas Canada number never crosses your callers' minds.

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Canada International Call Forwarding to Other Countries

Here's another scenario where you could benefit from toll free numbers: Canada callers calling companies located in other countries.

For example, if your company is located in London but serves customers in Canada, providing a
Canada toll free number and routing those calls to your London office is a cost-effective way to establish a Canadian presence.

No matter which scenario matches your business, establishing a
toll free number to or from Canada is relatively easy. However, not all plans offer the same rates, features, or quality. Among the most important features to have in a toll free service are:

Call quality - While VoIP technology allows for cheap calls, the audio quality is inferior to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

The ability to handle multiple calls at once - If two or more callers call at the same time, calls will be distributed through your hunt group.

Online account management - Being able to change your account's settings and ring to as needed provides you with the ultimate in flexibility.

Time of day routing - With international callers, this feature becomes increasingly important as you can route calls based on the caller's local time.

Local ring tones - Another must for international calls to or from Canada.

International organizations can extend their reach without overextending their budgets.

Own a toll free numbers or local number available throughout Canada.

Your Canada callers dial a Canada Toll Free number. It looks like any other Canada Toll Free number.

This special phone number can ring to any phone number in any country unlike normal Canada Toll Free numbers that only ring to Canada.

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