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Follow Me Phone Number

What is a Follow Me Phone Number

A follow me phone number is a virtual phone number that you can configure to follow you from one phone number to another, regardless of country location.

Callers who dial your follow me phone number are routed to whichever phone you've designated such as the phone at your office. You can even configure the number to follow you.

For example, if you don't answer the phone at your office desk in a certain number of rings, the call could be forwarded to your next designated number such as your mobile phone.

Benefits of owning a Follow Me Phone Number

When you order a follow me phone number, you make it easier for callers to reach you no matter where you might be. If you've ever been frustrated by having to dial multiple phone numbers to finally reach someone, then you can understand how your callers might feel if you too have multiple phone numbers.

Instead of asking callers to first try you at the office, then at your home office, then at your mobile phone, and so on, simply provide them with a single
follow me phone number. Depending on your preferences you can either configure specific call routing routines or change the ring to number on the fly as needed.

It can also follow you internationally. Simply change the 'ring to' number by logging into your account and modify the 'ring to' number to your
international phone number and your calls will be redirected internationally to any phone - in any country to a mobile, landline, fax, PBX or VoIP.

While you likely have a mobile phone, many professionals prefer not to give out its direct phone number. After all, incoming calls consume valuable minutes and it's frustrating to take a mobile call when sitting at a desk with a perfectly functional landline.

In addition, when callers have your mobile number, you have less control over your phone hours. With a
follow me phone number, you can receive calls on your mobile phone when it's practical for you. When it's not practical to receive calls at all, you can configure your virtual number to ring directly to voicemail by using the 'do not disturb' option. You could even have those voicemail messages routed to your email address if desired.

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How a Follow Me Phone Number Works

While a follow me phone number may sound complicated at first, it's not overly difficult. First, order either a local virtual phone number or a toll free one depending on your preferences. Next, designate which phone line you want the number to ring to. Finally, log into your account and set up any advanced routing features (or do this on the fly as needed).

Expect to pay a low per minute rate for forwarded calls. Optional rollover minutes are available for a small monthly fee. With 24/7 account management tools and loads of high quality features (such as fax forwarding, custom greetings, simultaneous call handling, advanced routing, exceptional call quality, and more) you may find that your follow me phone number serves as a portable and virtual PBX system.

Make your communications life easier, with a
follow me phone number.

A follow me phone number is ideal for any mobile person who wants a better way to control receiving calls.

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