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Virtual Phone Numbers as a business tool

Virtual Phone Numbers as a business tool

Remote Virtual Phone NumberWhenever you browse the Web or watch a TV commercial, or listen to a radio, no doubt you will be asked to call a phone number by a sponser.

They all utilize virtual phone numbers.  Of course not all virtual numbers are used for advertizing products and services.

The numbers you see and hear in the media are typically diverted to landlines or a mobile phone number. Many possible uses of a virtual phone number include a virtual office in a remote location, IT support, and international virtual numbers are used by businesses located in any country to create easy access by their customers or potential customers.

Where do you want a Virtual Phone Number

Most of the time a virtual number is acquired in an city or country other than where the office is physically located. This is one of the high value aspects of virtual phone numbers for businesses, the ability to provide a phone number in a locale where the enterprise wants to do business by offering a ‘local’ number even though the real office can be on the other side of the planet.

Some companies use virtual numbers to expand their presence by adding additional local phone numbers in other cities or additional states. For example, a California company may have a main office location in San Jose but they have customers in Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento.

Adding additional virtual numbers creates a phone presence in remote areas of interest without adding a physical office or staff.

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